Blue Meeeeaaaaanies!!!!!

I’m always amazed at the lack of consideration given to people who disagree with us.  In Christian circles, the second you disagree you must be a heretic.  In secular circles you must be a bigot.  In even less polite circles you get called all kinds of fun names that aren’t repeatable on television (and these days, that’s saying something).  I can remember a point in time where the biggest insult I knew was to call somebody a meanie-head after kicking them in the shins.  Now, 8 year olds extending the middle digit serves as comic relief in a children’s movie.

However, in the midst of all of this I still find that I must applaud people on their creativity in belittling others.  Yet, it still seems strange that we take such offense at being disagreed with that our logical, measured response is to rack our brains to come up with a putdown of epic proportions.  While I don’t particularly care what phrases are used to referrence me (you get bouns points for making me laugh), I know that the big guy upstairs does.  I’m feeling much more anxious to keep watch over my words… particularly since I have been working on memorizing Ecclesiastes 12:13-14… “Fear God and keep His commandments, this is man’s all.  For God will bring into account every deed, whether good or evil.”  You would think that more would deduce that when God says that in Kingdom Come He will “wipe every tear from their eyes” that that means there will be tears on those days.  Tears of joy, yes… but I’m betting there will also be tears of frustration at how undisciplined we really were.

For this is my hope… no matter how vicious the words aimed at my general personhood, Jesus Christ will one day descend from Heaven with a shout and strike the nations with the words of His mouth.  In that day, no cleverness of tongue, quickness of wit, or strength of vocabulary wil save a single person… only humility and the saving knowledge of God.



~ by xristosdomini on May 20, 2008.

One Response to “Blue Meeeeaaaaanies!!!!!”

  1. Thanks for this… It comes as a word in due season for me.

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