I’m beginning to reconsider my stance against boycotting the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  Protests a’plenty over Tibet, growing concern about China’s lack of involvment in the Darfur thing, and now massive earthquakes.  I’m not all that into watching for omens… but if I was, I would be pretty freaked out right now. 

The book of Revelation paints the end time scenario in the light of God slowly laying waste to the earth in an attempt to arrest the attention of mankind as a whole.  The fun part is that through it all, men persevere in their wickedness and their pursuit of themselves until at long last the only just punishment for them is eternity in the lake of fire.  A celebration of the peseverence of the human spirit indeed…  Perhaps all this unrest should be a turn signal or a stop sign for the Beijing Olympics.  But then again, who in their right mind is going to tell a rights-deficient nuclear superpower, “We are going to politically embarrass you in front of the world because we don’t like they way you act…”?  Nobody wants to “wake the sleeping giant”.

This hardcore anti-omenist is stating to believe that maybe… just maybe, God is trying to get the world to not support a country that is actively pursecuting His people.

Just a thought…



~ by xristosdomini on May 23, 2008.

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