The Feeling of Power.

I’ve decided that feeling powerful is not necessarily a bad thing.  Accomplishing something can make you feel powerful… accomplishing something such as reading a “smart” book or putting the finishing touches on an opponent during a hectic game of Age of Empires.  However, sometimes getting a revelation of who we actually are is enough to make us feel powerful.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about “I am man, hear me roar!”  I’m talking about who God has made me to be.  I was not created to merely be a 235 pound lump needlessly taking up space in Kansas City.  I am created to be ruling and reigning with Christ in the age to come.  What would you say if I told you that there is a throne with my name on it?  The only thing God asks is that I live a life worthy of it by staying faithful, forgiving other people, skipping a few meals now and then, and never forgetting that He holds my life and my future in the palm of His hand.  That is a brand of power that nothing or no one can take away.  Beat me up and take my lunch money, throw me in jail if you like, kill me if you must… but that does not change that I am destined to see God with my eyes.  This is the power we are given over the world. 

Say you have an apostle in a nation hostile to the Gospel.  The principalities and powers of that nation are pretty well screwed.  If you don’t arrest him, he is going to preach the risen Christ to everyone who will listen.  If you do arrest him, he has nothing to do but fast and pray.  If you let him live, he will have a powerful testimony of God’s protection- but if you kill him, he becomes a martyr and the Gospel goes forth in power.  The Apostles of Jesus referred to this as “the power of an indestructable life”.

This is all interesting, but there is something far bigger to be grasped in the human experience.  In fact, “human” is the key word.  Of all creation, humans are the only creature made in God’s image.  Of all creation, God has chosen to give authority to humans.  Of all creation, God has set His raging affections fully on humans.  Imagine it… the infinte, all-powerful being has given us the ability to affect Him.  When we pray, His heart burns to answer us.  God will bring justice to those who cry out to Him day and night.  This is power that is otherwise unattainable.  God has invested a lot in us… if nothing else, that should make us walk a little straighter and feel a little more important.  Why?  Because God Himself has given us a position of importance.  We are still less than nothing compared to Him, but He sees something of worth when He looks at us… and that is the true nobility of the human race.



~ by xristosdomini on May 26, 2008.

One Response to “The Feeling of Power.”

  1. Very cool… I’m sitting a little taller in my chair just thinking of it…

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