The Joel Project… Ch 1

If you have been following my life around recently, you know that I started a massive undertaking recently.  This undertaking involved retranslating (albeit, loosely) the book of Joel using an interlinear Bible and a Hebrew Lexicon (Strong’s, for the curious).  Because I don’t really have much else to say at the moment, I think I will post it here in a three part series.  For the record, I don’t claim that this has any kind of real scriptural authority, I just found it really interesting.

For the sake of my readers, I should explain that words in [brackets] are words that do not appear in the text that I added for clarity, words in (parenthesis) are additional translations or comments on a specific word, and the numbers in {bracelets} are there to indicate chapter and verse breaks.

{1-1}The matter of YHWH to Joel, son of Pethuel.

{2} Attention, ancients!  Broaden the ear, dwellers of the firm (earth/land).  [Has this been in] days, or days of the fathers? {3} Inscribe (literally, keep score) sons, [and their] sons, [and their] sons, [and their] sons- another generation. {4} That which exceeds the devourer (palmer-worm, locust), the locust (grasshopper, locust) eats.  That which exceeds the locust (grasshopper, locust), the young locust eats.  That which exceeds the young locust, the ravager eats.  {5} Clip off sleep, [you] intoxicated!  Weep, howl, [you] imbibed of wine!  New wine is destroyed from your mouth.  {6} Foreigners arise on the firm (earth/land), powerful and indefinite of number, [their] teeth are teeth of lions… the jaw of roars.  {7} [They] call the vine ruin, fragment the fig tree, and throw down; the tendrils are made white. {8} Bewail as a virgin seperated of her privacy*, appointed with burlap (translated sackcloth) for the master (husband) of adolescence.  {9} The gift (offering/tribute) and libation [are] cut from the court of YHWH; the officiators, YHWH’s attendants lament.  {10} The spread [of land] is ravaged.  The soil laments, the increase [of crops] is ravaged, the grape juice is ashamed, the anointing oil is feeble.

*(would seem to be indicating a virgin that has been raped.  Strong’s Hebrew lexicon defines the root word as “to seperate”, while the actual word (bethuwlah) is defined as “a virgin (from her privacy)”.  That’s my take, anyway)

{11} Be confounded (ashamed, confused), farmers; howl, vinedressers… the wheat and grain!  The harvest (literally, the severed) of the spread [of land] has wandered away.  {12} The vine is confounded (ashamed, confused), the figs droop, the pomegranate, the palm, the apples, [and all] trees are confounded (ashamed, confused).  Cheer is dried up [from among} sons of the ruddy.

{13}  Strap on (restrain) and tear your hair and beat your breast, officiators!  Howl, servants [of the] altar!  Go complain in burlap, God’s servants: for the gift and the libation is restrained [from the] court of God.  {14} Appoint a fast!  Call out and accost!  A special assembly… congregate the ancients [and all] the dwellers of the firm (the earth) to the court of YHWH, shriek to YHWH.  {15} Oh, day! Day of YHWH is near!  Violence of Almighty comes!  {16} Victuals [are] cut off (destroyed, covenanted?) in our sight… gleefulness and joyful dancing [from the] court of YHWH.?  {17} Seed is rotten under that which is thrown off by the spade, the armories (storehouses, cellars) are stunned (stupefied, devestated), the granaries are ruined; the increase (grain) is ashamed.  {18} Beasts groan!  The arrangements of cattle are entangled in pasture, the arrangements of migrant animals are guilty.

{19} YWHW, I accost you: fire eats the home of pastures, flame licks the trees of the spread [of land].  {20} Beasts of the spread [of land] long (as in, to long for): the beds (tubes) of water are ashamed (destroyed, dried up), the fire eats the home of pastures.

Be looking for chapter 2 soon.  I’ve finished the book already, and I’m starting on Hosea next, but I will post all of Joel here in the near future.



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