The Joel Project… ch2

For those few who are interested, here is the second chapter of my Joel translation.  Enjoy!

[words added for clarity]  (additional translations or comments)  {verse breaks}

{2-1} Clatter the trumpet of Zion! Mar the ears on the holy mountain! Dwellers of the land quiver!  Day of YHWH comes!  It is near!  {2} Day of dark and misfortunate dusk, day of thunder clouds and gloom.  As dawn disperses on the mountain, numerous people and mighty… there has not been [such] since concealed time or continuing in the end, for ages, ages, and ages. {3} Fire eats at the face, behind [them] a flame licks.  The firm (earth) like the garden of Eden at the face, behind [them] desolation and open land (wilderness).  [Nothing] is the escaped portion.  {4} Appearance, appearance of running horses; like steeds [they] run.  {5} [Like the] call of chariots on the chief (height) of mountains [they] spring about, [like the] cry of a flash of fire eating straw. A powerful people in battle rows.  {6} The faces of the people writhe in pain and fear; all faces collect a flush of anxiety.  {7} Run like champions! Ascend the wall like mortals of battle; men march their [own] road, [they do not] lend their path.  {8} Men [shall not] oppress their brother [in arms]; walk, warriors, [in your own] thoroughfare: fall [on the] missles of attack [and not] be finished.  {9} Seek greedily the city; run on walls, ascend on the courts; come at windows like thieves.  {10} The firm (earth) quivers [at their] face; the sky undulates in fear; Brilliance (the sun) and the moon mourn, the stars gather in brightness; {11} YHWH gives call at the face of force (army)- [His] encampment vehemently abundant, powerful, accomplishing matters.  Day of YHWH, great and vehemently terrifying, [who can] measure?

{12} Says YHWH, turn back the heart- fasting, weeping, and lamenting: rend the heart [and not] robes, turn back YHWH God: gracious, compassionate, long nosed (seems to be a hebraic euphamism for “slow to anger”), abundant kindness, avenging calamity.  {14} Know, He turns back and consoles, and leaves redundant benedictions behind; a tribute and a libation to YHWH God.  {15} Clatter the trumpet of Zion, appoint a fast, declare an assembly: {16} Gather people, make clean the assembly, collect the ancients, gather the children and [those that] suck breasts: groom, go from the chamber and bride, from the canopy.  {17} Officiators and worshippers of YHWH, weep [between] vestibule and altar… say, “Cover the people, YHWH. [Do not] give the inheritance disgrace, the foreign nation to rule [them]: say the people, “[where is their] God?”

{18} YHWH [will be] zealous [for the] earth, sparing the people.  {19} YHWH will heed, saying to the people, “send out increase, grape juice, and anointing oil.  Satiate!  Give disgrace [no more] heathen nation.  {20} Recede, notherners; push off to the firm (land) parched and devastated- face to the oriental sea, termination to the hindering sea.  Stench arises and putrefication arises… done are the twisted and great. 

{21}  Revere, soil; spin about and brighten: YHWH does greatly.  {22} Revere, beasts of the spread [of land]: the home of pastures sprout, the tree lifts fruit, the fig and the vine give [their] force.  {23} Spin about, son of Zion- make glad YHWH God: [He] gives the early flows of water rightly, causing showers- the early flows of water [and the] spring rain in their place.  {24} Threshing floors full of grain, the troughs run over with grape juice and oil.  {25} [I will] make safe- years that locusts eat, the devourer, ravager, plamerworm, and great force sent.(the idea being that God would restore those years the previous forces had taken)  {26} Eat, eat, be satisfied… rave the mark of YHWH God who does greatly. [My] people till time beyond reckoning [will not] pale (be ashamed).  {27} Know the center of Israel [is] YHWH God [and My] people till time beyond reckoning [will not] pale (be ashamed).
{28}Following, [I] bleed my breath upon all flesh.  [Your] appointed ones and the apples of you eye prophesy.  Your elderly will firmly bind dreams, [your] choice youth shall see revelations, expectations by dreams, and visions.  {29} The servants and female slaves in that day I will bleed my breath upon.  {30} I give miracles (tokens or omens) in the air and the firm (the earth), blood, fire, and columns of smoke (dust, smoke, anger).  {31} Brilliance changes into dark, and the moon to blood at the face of the exceeding and feared day of YHWH come.  They that invite the character of YHWH escape: Mount Zion and Jerusalem are the escaped portion, as YHWH says and the survivors YHWH calls.




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