The Danger of “Co-existance”

Coexistance.  Its a phrase that is getting thrown around a lot in our modern, global society.  On the surface, it sounds nice (Can’t we all just get along?).  The problem being, so does communism.

Just as Communism sounds nice until it is enacted… coexistance sounds like paradise until you really examine the nuances of what a hell it truly would be.  Most religions and political systems contain mechanisms for the propogation of their various beliefs.  In fact, the success or failure of a belief is generally measured by how much influence it has on the world stage.  Why do so many think Marxism is a failure?  Because there are so few places of power that actually ascribe to it.  Why were the Branch Davidians considered a cult by the secular world and not a full-fledged religion?  Because they were a small, isolated group out in the wilderness.

The problem that then arises is that for “coexistance” to be a reality, everyone has to deny that part of their beliefs that demand that that belief grow in popularity.  This is also known as relative truth.  Just because you believe religion (A) doesn’t mean that religion (A) is true for me.  Better still, I believe religion (A) but its okay that you don’t because it is “my personal choice”.  You could fairly make a case that this is forcing an agnostication of all society (pardon the big word).  The very fact that you believe something is true means you have just signed onto a war of attrition.  If something is true, that means that everything else opposed to it must by necessity be false.  Gravity cannot both affect you and not affect you… and neither option hinges on your petty opinion.

Religion is not the only front of this war of the Attrition of Ideals, but it is merely the most emotional, most visible, and most personal.  I’m not heartbroken if I find out that Global Warming is true.  I might have egg on my face, but it is rightly deserved.  However, if I am wrong about my religion I am looking at an eternity spent paying for it.  For the curious, I believe neither postion (global warming or my error of religion choice) is true.  The fact is that Science, Logic, Rules of Grammar, Religions, and History are all based upon fighting a war against their misconceptions.  Hopefully, by studying these things we combat falsehood with the truth.  However, this war between truth and falsity makes coexistance unavailable to humanity at the current thrust.

Many will wonder “well, why can’t we all just get along?”  The answer is that we all believe we are right, and none of us like to be wrong.  Any time there is an opposing belief to our own, it becomes a personal affront or attack of sorts… someone is rising up to say, “I know what you don’t, thou knave!”  And the natural human response is to take exception to being corrected.  This basest of conflict is why coexistance is a fallacy.  As long as we have personally held opposing beliefs about the truth, there will always be conflict.  The only possible resolution would be to declare that nothing is true (which is a logical blunder of cataclysmic proportions) so we have nothing to believe in.  Good luck getting that law passed.

To deny the expansionist nature of ideas (be they religious or otherwise) is to passively declare that all ideas are of equal worth in their relation to “truth”.  This of course is lunacy, because there are still people that believe in Geocentrism (believe it or not).  There are people that believe there is only One God, there are people that believe there is no God, and there are people that believe there are hundreds of gods.  We can’t all be right, and truth is not passive.  Truth drives a wedge between people because you have people that believe rightly and people that believe wrongly.  These two groups will ALWAYS be at odds with each other.  God declared of Himself that He would divide the entire human population into two groups of people… those that were His and those that were not.  This make the most sense when we delve into the idea that Jesus said of Himself, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.”  Consider this… coexistance is directly contradictory to Jesus Himself.  When He returns, there will be peace because there will only be one group of people around… His.  Peace is only possible when there is either homogeneity of belief, or there is a severe lack of belief at all.

Here’s for staying true.



~ by xristosdomini on June 4, 2008.

One Response to “The Danger of “Co-existance””

  1. I think your post is well thought out and well said.

    “Tolerance” is a word that gets used a lot in this area, and I think it’s quite telling *who* uses the word first in a dialogue. Tolerance is a convenient thing to advocate when one is in the minority or when one feels threatened beyond other help. Sometimes tolerance is used as a bludgeon to suppress discussion or advocacy of beliefs. In the end, I think advocates of tolerance are almost never advocating a good or worthy or noble thing.

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