The Joel Project… ch3

The last installment of the Joel Project.  Read it well, and enjoy the oddities of lexicons.

{3-1} Day and time- turn back, turn back exile of Judah and Jerusalem, {2} collect, nations!  Descend to the vale of Jehoshaphat [and I will] judge people- [for my] inheritance Israel is scattered [among] nations and apportioned is the firm (earth).  {3} [they have] Handled pebbles (idiom for rolling dice or casting lots) [for] people; giving offspring [for] harlots, selling girls [for] wine to imbibe.  {4} Tyre, Sidon, regions of Palestine, [will you] complete treatment (recompense)?  [If you] ripen, rapid and hurried turns back [your] treament on [your] head.  {5} [You] take silver and gold and go to temples [with My] good delights.  {6} Sons of Judah and sons of Jerusalem are sold to sons of greeks to recede their cords (borders).  {7} [I will} awaken from the place sold, and turn back the act on your head.  {8} [I will] sons and daughters [to the] hands of sons of Judah to sell to the Shebaites, a people remote: YWHW speaks.

{9} Call out, nations, “Make battle!  Wake warriors, mortals of battle come- ascend!”  {10} Bruise hoes to knives and pruning knives to lances: frail, say “I, warrior!”  {11} Hasten and come, nations!  Collect in a circle!  Warriors descend, YHWH.  {12} Nations, awake and ascend to the vale of Jehoshaphat.  [There I] sit and judge nations encircled.  {13} Send out the sickle, the severed (harvest) boils up (ripened); go, descend- the winepress fills, the troughs run over… evil is abundant.  {14} tumults, tumults in the vale of the threshing-sledge(idiom for demarcation)!  Day of YHWH nears in the vale of the threshing-sledge(same as above).  {15} Brilliance(the sun) and the moon mourn(become black like mourners), the stars gather in(collect in) [their] brilliancy.  {16} YHWH rumbles Zion and gives call [in] Jerusalem; the sky and the firm(the earth) undulate [yet] YHWH [will be] the shelter of the people and the fortified place for sons of Israel.  {17} Know YWHW God dwells in Zion, the sacred mountain: Jerusalem [will be] sacred [and no] passersby cross over [again]. 

{18} Day the mountains condense grape juice, hills carry milk, and the beds of Judah carry water and fountains go from the court of YHWH and irrigate the valley of Acacias, Egypt is a devastation and the Red(ie, Edom) a devastated pasture [due to] violence (of/against… not actually existant in the text) sons of Judah, bleeding innocent blood on the firm (the earth).  {20} Judah sits [until] time concealed, and Jerusalem from age to age.  {21} [I will] make clean the blood [not] made clean… YHWH resides in Zion.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I did in May!



~ by xristosdomini on June 4, 2008.

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