Birds of a Feather… SHUDDAP!

It seems the birds in my neighborhood never actually sleep.  I woke up early the other day (roughly 1:30) to go to work… I walked outside… birds chirping, everywhere.  I came home at 11:00 pm that night… birds chirping, everywhere.  I walked home from the prayer room at 4:00 in the flipping morning… Birds chirping… EVERYWHERE!

As I as walking home, daydreaming about having my airsoft pistol and taking down a robin or two… I suddenly remembered what Jesus said about birds.  Something along the lines of me being worth more than sparrows and God sees every time one of them falls to the ground.  If the birds never sleep, how much more so God?  In fact, our little problems are so untaxing on God that He has time to watch the birds at 4 in the morning when all the sane people on our half of the globe are asleep.  I, on the other hand, am so bothered by my time of life that I don’t watch the birds unless they appear out of nowhere five feet from my face.

God is nonplussed by the level (or lack therof) of my check book.  He can blink money into my account whenever He likes.  God is not perplexed by my work situation.  However, He is so in tune with what happens in our day to day experience that he knows when a sparrow falls to the ground… wheter it dies of old age or is a victim of a pellet gun wielded by the punk down the street.



~ by xristosdomini on June 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Birds of a Feather… SHUDDAP!”

  1. Don’t you just love when God uses something that annoys you to remind you of His surpassing love and faithfulness?

    Much more vivid than Hallmark, eh?

  2. More vivid, and (sometimes) just as annoying.

    I’m also noticing that I seem to be doing a bad job of writing stuff that the system has an easy time generating links for.

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