Happy* Father’s Day!

* some assembly required… 

Yesterday was a hectic workday for me.  I’m thinking it had something to do with the huge sale on lawn furniture we were having last week, but I know for darn sure it was more because today is Father’s Day.  Because it is Father’s Day, many people were buying gas grills as presents.  Not only is it a heck of a gift, but it’s also functional… you celebrate Dad and then he makes dinner… everybody wins.  However, there is a small problem…  Namely, these monstrosities come in a million and one pieces in a giant box and bear the above noted moniker, “some assembly required.”  SOME?!  To be properly understood, at my house, my father was Mr. ‘Fix It‘… so if we gave him a gift that required assembly, it was a sure bet that he would have to assemble it… and then families across America have to “try out” their new found over-expensive firepits by having the said paternal figure char some sort of carnage over said flame.  Sounds more like slave labor than a gift.  So… for whatever you find yourself doing today and to whomever this may concern, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!



PS, dedicated to my Father.


~ by xristosdomini on June 15, 2008.

One Response to “Happy* Father’s Day!”

  1. I thought everyone liked their “carnage” extra-well-done.

    Oh well. Soften it up with a little more BBQ sauce and stop whining. When it’s hard to tell what kind of meat it was/is, that makes it gourmet. Hey, it’s not vegetables, Ok?


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