There isn’t much to say as an intro to this post.  Basically, I was in the prayer room here and put a serious pen to paper for the first time in a couple months.  This is the result of that session, a simple poem entitled “Beyond”.

Eyes are open,

Though the world be blind.

Words are spoken,

Yet meaning lies behind.

Though not beyond,

And yet overcoming-

Revelation has gone

And consciences are searing.


Open, oh eyes,

To the world that’s beyond.

Wherein the truth lies,

And reality is found.

Gold is the street

While narrow is the gate.

When there we meet,

How blessed was the wait.


Chain of sin,

It can not hold.

Ties that bind,

Ignite, crumble and fold.

Stars turn black

And the sun looks away.

Darkness turns back

In the light of that day.





~ by xristosdomini on June 30, 2008.

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