Hot girls have issues too…!

Just a question…  Has anyone noticed the modern typecasting of the female in Hollywood today?  There seem to be a limit of about two messages in films about women.  That message is either “You’re physically beautiful and that makes you powerful” or “true beauty comes from the inside”.  While there would seem to be nothing wrong with the second message, there is a problem with how it is portrayed.  To keep myself in order, lets tackle the first issue…

Being physically attractive does not make women powerful.  Skirt chasing perverts make physically attractive women powerful.  The films that protray this message tend to feature starlets that would be considered to have “knockout” status acting very strong and powerful in the middle of a room full of weak-kneed aging men with dirty minds.  In this kind of filmmaking, sex is elevated (or devalued, depending on who you ask) from propogation of the human race to a kind of currancy or political tool.  These women are often portrayed as “having it all” or “being it all”.  As attractive as that lifestyle is, I have yet to see anyone living up to that kind of standard.  Last I checked, some of the most depressed and paranoid people on the planet are the “rich and famous” (a la Heath Ledger).

Now we have the flipside… the “beauty comes from within” movies.  I’ve noticed that quite often the heroine of these films would be described as… uhm… ultimo-horseface.  Usually these unfortunate few find themselves competing with “more attractive” (let the reader understand) peers for the “dream guy”… only to find that it was the dork down the hall that they should have been looking at.  Now, putting aside the fact that not all “dream guys” are shallow as the local mud-puddle (though many are), when will an attractive person in a movie get smacked upside the head with the “beauty comes from within” message?  Hairspray came close… not to mention just being a fun two hours.  However, I think it would be supremely satisfying (speaking as a person of the slightly average persuasion) to see a “knockout” get knocked out about how what is inside them matters more than their wowwie outside.

I was at work (my, how many of my posts stem from there…) and I was hearing a conversation between a couple people.  I wasn’t eavesdropping (so there…), but when you are trapped behind a counter and there is a loud conversation happening five feet from you, you can’t shut it out.  There was a girl, best guess was about 16, who was someone that most guys would consider as an ideal.  After about ten minutes of the most shallow drivel I have ever heard, she told her friend, “I can’t stand him, I think he’s only interested in my body…”  OF COURSE HE IS!  You’ve got about as much personality as wet cement, only the cement has more depth!  There is nothing else for that poor guy to be interested in!  Myself, I would rather go out with someone who had depth of personality than depth of…… the typical others.  Suffice it to say, Proverbs 31 would have been a foreign concept to these two…  “Beauty is deceptive and comliness is fleeting…”  So yes, as much as our entertainment would love to suggest otherwise, hot girls have issues too.



~ by xristosdomini on July 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hot girls have issues too…!”

  1. “Being physically attractive does not make women powerful. Skirt chasing perverts make physically attractive women powerful.”

    That’s about as clearly and concisely stated as I’ve ever heard it. Well said!!!

  2. “Last I checked, some of the most depressed and paranoid people on the planet are the “rich and famous” (a la Heath Ledger).”

    Good point. There was a 20 year old model who killed herself recently due to this exact thing. One report said she apparently felt used and invisible as a person because she was only valued (to the tune of millions of dollars) for her looks, and thus felt no one really cared about who she really was…

    Good post…

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