It would have been beautiful…

… the never-was “falling out party” for Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson.  Firstly, I have a very low opinion of Obama’s politics to begin with.  Why?  Because nothing the man says about politics has any real substance… save for one point.  It was a fateful Father’s Day, and because Obama is a senator who is running for president, he made a speech in a Chicago area church for Father’s Day.  His “father’s speech” was largely an encouragement for black parents to actually parent their kids.  While it sounded nice and semi-tough (twas really nothing more than a kick in the pants for people who probably shouldn’t have been parents anyway), it earned the ire of one very influential individual.  THE Reverand Jesse Jackson.

Don’t ask me why, but for some reason the incensced and easily offended untameable Reverand felt that Obama’s comments were somehow “talking down to the Black community.”  Thus we proceed to step two in this lovely little debacle… The interview.

Some of you may already know what I am talking about, but quite a few may have missed it… what with the controversey being so short lived and all.  Short version… Jesse Jackson has an interview on FoxNews with someone else (I think his lawyer) and Jackson, not knowing that his microphone was open, said to the person next to him “I want to cut his **** off… He’s (Obama) talking down to Black people”.  Now… would someone tell me how in the world someone who figures himself a champion of civil rights issues gets away with saying something like that about the first of his race to have a serious shot at the presidency?  Other issues… this guy is supposed to be a pastor?!?!  There is no Christlike humility attached to Jackson’s comments, there is no love to be found in that tasty bit of dialogue, and if Jackson truly feels that way he has become a symbol of the type of inner-city violence that he blames on the government.  Maybe we should’ve elected him in ’88 so he would go away…  It would have made the Clinton years look like divine mercy, that’s for sure.

Now, the supposed “conclusion” to this matter is that once it became public knowledge Jackson issued an apology that Obama accepted.  However, I have a hard time believing that that is the end of it.  Now we have all kinds of people asking questions like, “is that how he really feels?”  “Was an apology enough?”  “Is he going to lose voters over this?”  You don’t express a divide like that in your ethnic solidarity without there being some deep divisions amongst those who are not naive enough to believe that everything is back to normal.  Unfortunately for Jackson, his “black folk do no wrong” attitude is going to bite his butt one of these days… you don’t layeth the smackdown on somebody because they are saying that people need to be more responsible without getting sideways looks.  I would think that, as a Pastor, Jackson would be pleased and proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Obama in telling people to live more righteously… but righteous living doesn’t exactly fit the liberal ideaology.  Exhibit (A): my tyrannical judges thread.



~ by xristosdomini on July 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “It would have been beautiful…”

  1. Would it make a difference if the guy Rev Jackson was addressing in his castration comment was the Rev Al Sharpton? I think it was.

    So, how many politically Christian-in-name-only pastors does it take to be horrified about the suggestion of violence against a dem pres candidate? Evidently more than two. Mmmmmmm

  2. I just don’t get it… A politician doing the work of a pastor in encouraging parents to raise their kids well, and the pastor throws a fit? It just makes no sense of any kind.


  3. Barack Obama has gotten one thing absolutely right – that is, there has not been a black president because black politicians are like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    There is almost no daylight between policy positions that Obama admits to, and that propounded by those who clawed their way to political prominance in the civil rights arena. What Obama has the wisdom (or political savvy, or whatever) to do is to avoid descent into race-first bombast. Obama has evidently figured out that those who will vote race-first are already decided and unmovable, the ones who can be persuaded still are only going to decide based on their knoweldge or their confort. Obama is trying hard to make folks comfortable, while the standard template of the “civil rights leader” is to make folks fear or rage. Most of Obama’s speeches are really thin on actual policy positions, and the unstated subtext is “see, I’m not an angry vengeful bigot like Jackson or Sharpton”

    No wonder they want to keep him from reproducing.

  4. So you think that Obama is avoiding discussing policy so that people won’t know he agrees most of the time with Jackson and Sharpton?

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