Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t…

Politics are a brutual art.  An art that is best defined by it’s pseudo-etymologial “roots”.  “Poly”- being Latin and meaning ‘many’, and “tics” which are blood-sucking parasites that tend to hide in more neglected landscapes… ie, the Capitol Building.  However, it seems that both candidates are feeling a push to reach out to the hardcore conservative base (interestingly enough).  Makes sense because neither are actually REALLY conservatives.  So while McCain ambles further right, Obama is lurching towards the middle.  One looks disingenuous, the other looks unstable.  I’ll let the reader guess which is which.

While most of the news headlines seem to be centering around the actions of the Obama camp (justifying the celebrity charge made by the McCain guys), it seems the senator is between a rock and a hard place (better than McCain… stuck between Iraq and a heart condition).  On the one hand, you risk getting P***-slapped by the electorate in November if you keep your “convictions”, on the other hand you need to make it look like you are doing something about the cost of gasoline.  You also need to look like you aren’t pandering to special interests, but never forgetting that it is those same interests that got you there.  You need to sound bold and adventurous, but being too adventurous can expose just how empty your ideas really are.  For all his calls of unity and “yes we can”,  the senator seems to be resorting the exact same tactics of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton… causing anger and creating a loud minority.  Last time I checked, there were people in financial straights outside of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.  What do these states have in common?  Historically strong ties to the DNC.  Asking a few people who already agree with you what you should be doing is exactly why David’s son Rehoboam had the Northern Kingdom of Israel rebel against him.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the political world…  McCain seems insistent on proving that he can be “hip” even without the replacement.  Pretty ironic for a guy who is claiming to support the Conservative agenda to limit illegal immigration to bring in an artist from Latin America… eh?!  Also, McCain is quietly looking into VP candidates… Note: not Romney, not Huckabee… not anyone who has national popularity that registers on a poll… but the minority whip in the House.  Why?  Because he and Obama are both inexplicably near-orgasmic at the idea of winning Virginia… and all 13 electoral votes to go with it… oooooooooooooh.  I bet Texas, Florida, New York, and California are humbled……….

I’ll admit… I’m feeling slightly jaded and hopeless about the Presidential candidates this year.  Thank God when Jesus comes back he will be running the whole darn place, eh?



~ by xristosdomini on August 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t…”

  1. My goodness. You sound like you could use some cheering up.

    How’s this:
    Congress is on vacation for a whole month.
    The monsters, robbers and cheata have gone home.
    For 30 more days, we can relax confident our emaining liberty is in only limited jeopardy…


  2. Yeah… 30 days of peace, quiet, and $4/gallon gasoline. I guess it’s admirable that the GOP tried to stand up for doing something… too bad it was in the dark…

  3. “McCain seems insistent on proving that he can be “hip” even without the replacement.”

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Good one, dude!

  4. I liked it… I think the best part was when Foxnews reported in the SAME DAY that (A) Obama might face backlash for opposing off-shore drilling and (B) that Obama might support off-shore drilling.

    Makes me think there is something worth being cyncial about after all.

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