8/8/08 has passed us by… just like 7/7/07 did… and 6/6/06 (poor conspiracy theorists… it was a nice idea).  Yesterday was symbolic for a couple different reasons… First, it was the day of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.  Yes, China is hosting the Olympics (in case you missed it), and the world is still rotating on it’s axis.  For how much longer?  I don’t know.  Based on all the stuff that happened in the run-up to the games actually starting, it would be easy to think that this Olympic year was the end of the world… but the Opening Ceremonies grandly expensive floor show was still 3 hours long, as always… the local late-night news came on afterwards, as always… and the television crews seemed to forget that this is the age of the internet, so most of the die-hards had already heard the results of the opening competitions… AS ALWAYS!

However, some people decided to have some fun with it.  About 18,000 peoples, to be exact.  Chinese news sources reported on Tuesday that there was a planned mass wedding to take place on 8/8/08, and there were 9,000 couples signed up to do it.  As cute an idea as that is… doesn’t that kind of take the ROMANCE out of it?  To prove how cynical I am, and taking into account that roughly the same thing happened on 7/7/07, I’m going to make a prediction that the exact same thing is going to happen on 9/9/09, 10/10/10, 11/11/11, and 12/12/12……… Just saying…

On a more serious note… Georgia (the middle-eastern one, not the one with the peaches) and Russia may be about to start World War 3.  Isn’t it cheerful to know that some people just don’t care about the humanistic ideal of the “Olympic Cease-Fire” tradition?  As shocking as it may be to professional athletes, not everyone’s world stops because there is a big, over-glorified athletic meet.

Now, I like sports as much as the next person… provided the next person isn’t Bob Costas.  However, I think it would probably be very beneficial to everyone if we could just admit that the Olympics are an excuse to get together and rub each other’s noses in our glory for two weeks.  But even then, to quote a co-worker… “Until they add football to it, it ain’t a sports thing…”



~ by xristosdomini on August 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Well…”

  1. I’m not sure if Bob Costas likes sports, or if he just likes to talk. NBC’s olympic coverage seems to be full of talkers.

    How many times, after all, do we need to hear that fighter x from anycountry needs to fight “their” fight, and if they get sucked into fighting the other fella’s fight, they’ll have a harder time of it. What drivel.

    And if you listen carefully between the rounds at the boxing venue and beneath the TV squawkers, the english-language announcements are being made by Tim Hughes, your Mom’s cousin. He’s the guy right after the chinese and french announcements.

  2. Apparently, we need to hear about fighter X fighting his own time approximately 56 times per four round fight…

    By the way, the wedding thingy was because 8 is the Lucky Number in China. Don’t know why; it just is…

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