Our Handbasket is Getting mmmmm-Toasty

As most of the bourgeois American population has already heard… we are electing a new President this year.  For some of you, this is grand news because the “Son of a Bush” is leaving office in January ’09.  For those of us with a brain, January 10th of 2009 is going to be a sad day.  For those of us with an eye on the future, the field of candidates that houses our next president isn’t looking like it’s going to be any kind of vast improvement.

It wasn’t that long ago that there was no way in Perdition that John McCain would be the Republican nominee for President.  I have a firm belief that McCain won the nomination because there was a percieved lack of serious alternatives.  It was either McCain or another governor from Arkansas… and we all know how that turned out last time… **ahem-koff-koff-CLINTON!**.  Personally, I think the GOP base would have been much happier with Huckabee… at least the mostly religious voter-base would have been.  However, McCain seems to be incredibly lucky with how this cycle has shaken out.  Why?  Well, while McCain is trumpeting his lifetime conservative rating of 80/100, it doesn’t take a savant to remember that the rating for his current term in the Senate is somewhere around 58/100.  However, there is a powerful counter-balance to this little “Inconvenient Truth” (sorry Al, its just too usable…).  Namely?  The DNC has managed to nominate someone that we like less than McCain… Barack Obama.

To my recollection, this is the only time I have heard Rush Limbaugh not criticize McCain for his pseudo-liberal weirdness (check out the August issue of the Limbaugh letter to see it for yourself)… and it’s all thanks to the fact that if we don’t push McCain into office, we end up with Obama.  A slightly twisted and jaded part of me almost wishes that Obama would get elected so that we could let the “First minority president” thing rest once and for all… however the sane, rational, patriotic, highly educated part of me realizes that I have had angel food cake with more substance than Obama’s rhetoric.  In fact, the only thing more maddening than the lack of substance in his speeches is the absolute brilliance of the political strategy.

If you say nothing relevant to an issue, you will never stick your foot in your mouth because of it.  Everybody can dig hyperexistential ideals like “hope”, “change”, and “yes we can!”  Not everybody can dig “I hate America!”  Not everyone will respect you if you say something like, ” we should live at the permission of foreign nations!”  However, I find it appropriate to quote the man who spent more time in the Presidential office than any other… Franklin D. Roosevelt.

You can’t feed people on mere hope.  You can only make them feel better about starving.

Now, Roosevelt was using this line to defend his installment of Social Security and welfare at one of the worst economic sags in our history.  However, it is quite relevent to the current discussion.  As I said earlier, if you say nothing of consequence, you won’t stick your foot in your mouth.  The man championing change and hope has refused to drill for more oil in the United States… milking America’s pocketbooks dry in the process, and refusing to lower the price of oil as a consequence.  To be fair, the man has advocated change… like his stance on the troop surge earlier this year.  One little report comes out saying that the Iraqis are making “satisfactory progress” on 16 of 18 federal benchmarks, and suddenly the troop surge might have been the right thing to do… oops.  In fact, in his stated political goals, just about the only thing that hasn’t changed is that his political goals are always changing.  Hard to believe?  Not really.

It’s very telling right now that as we near the November elections, McCain is trying to sound like a real Repubican and Obama is trying to make himself not sound like a liberal kook.  If both candidates are trying to pander to the right, doesn’t that mean the right is… right?  Bad pun, I know… but it seems there really is a reason it’s called the “right” wing.  (worse pun… my sincerest apologies)



~ by xristosdomini on August 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Our Handbasket is Getting mmmmm-Toasty”

  1. nice article.

  2. Thanks, Ibrahim…

    Admittedly, I’m kind of in “lesser of two evils” mode right now.

  3. The wheels fell off the track when you said Obama refuses to drill for oil in the United States. You know that is patently false. There is plenty of drilling going on in the U.S. right now. Oil companies currently lease 68 million more acres that are untouched. Giving permission for Exxon-Mobil to drill on Florida’s beaches isn’t going to fend-off rising gas prices, and you know that for a fact.
    The choice, when it comes to America’s energy problem, is stark, and clear. McCain is firmly in the pocket of big oil, Obama is committed to getting us off oil, and onto alternatives as quickly as is humanly possible.

  4. Kurt: I suppose you feel better about reserving all tht oil and gas off the Florida coast for those eco-friendly Cubans and Chinees? Perhaps they’ll sell us some of what they harvest so that even more of our economic output is surrendered to the hostile world. I wonder if they’ll do as much as we would to clean the gulf when they spill?

    Concerned about big oil? Me too. How ’bout if we agree that the the current leases aren’t being exploited by those evil big corporations, and we don’t have the leverage to make them start. Let’s make it part of the law that only new, American-owned private and public companies can compete for new leases? We could even prefer minority owners and undocumented immigrants if you like – call it reparations or whatever. Create jobs, money in the domestic economy, could be a huge windfall – but to do that, we’d have to have something to lease.

    The fact about prices is that energy commodity prices reflect estimated replacement cost – and even if it takes a few years to bring new oil supplies on-line, the prospect of having new future supply will change the estimated replacement costs now, which will send prices lower. Immediately. If you really want to stick it to speculators that are betting on higher future prices and future supply shortages, all you have to do is make a plan to increase supply. That’ll lose money on those long bets so fast, they might never recover. You *must* like that…

    More drilling is such a winner for patriotic liberals and populists, I can’t figure out why the huge resistance. Here’s a chance to screw big oil corps, screw speculators, deprive notorious polluters of unimpeded access to profitable resources, increase federal revenue by letting our government sell something it can’t use and then tax its use to the max. The only things missing here is advocacy of more gay rights and a pay raise for public school teachers…

  5. Before we get too hasty about what I “know for a fact”, lets take a look at a couple of facts…

    A) When Bush announced lifting the Presidential ban on developing ANWR and the Gulf, the price of oil futures fell from the near record $145 a barrel to a slightly less painful figure of $136 a barrel. In case we forget, oil futures aren’t actually based on current supply, but on what is expected to be our future supply. By merely announcing that the USA is going to drill for more oil, the price of oil per barrel dropped almost TEN DOLLARS.

    B) This post is not an endorsement of McCain. Rather, it is a slightly cynical look at how unhappy I am with both candidates, with one leaving only a slightly less repugnant armoa in my olfactory glands.

    C) Obama’s “plan” for getting us to “reasonable alternatives” either involve making gasoline so expensive that we have to find something else or the economy halts altogether, or making the price of food crops so expensive that half of Africa starves to death.

    D) We seem to forget that the price of oil is entirely set by the ratio of future supply to future demand. If, by drilling now, we end up doubling our production in 10 years, the price will drop now… meaning less money to the “yeeeeeevil” Oil Corps.

    When it comes to America’s energy problem, the choice is very clear and very stark indeed… either we expolit what we have whilst searching for (fiscally and socially responsible) alternatives, or we grind ourselves to a halt looking for something else without noticing what is right under our feet. One is a reasonable answer that has a slight chance of solving the problem, the other is almost moronically short-sighted.

    Here is another fact… the answer to solving skyrocketing gasoline prices is catagorically not to put more federal taxes on oil production, gasoline, or oil company profits. Considering that out of every gallon of gas bought in Missouri today, the oil company only comes away with about 36-40 cents a gallon in profit. The rest goes into payrolls, oil costs, production, transportation and storage. So please, before we start saying “what I know for a fact”, please consider what else might be a fact.


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