A Grand Secret Indeed…

Come to find out, there are a couple of very peculiar secrets to get lots of traffic to randomly read your blog.  None of which include mass mailing your address to a whole bunch of people the you sort of know and hope they remember you enough to be curious about what you say.  Besides, it tends to cost you friends if you do that.

Rule number 1) Pick an odd title.  If you use obscure words or highly common phrases in your post titles, you will get a lot more lookups in a search engine.  Thus far, I have had 6 hits in the last week come from people wondering what the heck “magnaminity” is.  For some reason, I still get a ton of people who seem to have no clue what to do when filling up an akward silence… so they search for what to do “when you have nothing to say” and wander into my first Music Video post.

Rule number 2) Pick a hot topic.  If you blog about politics correctly, you can end up with more people arguing about what you said than you know what to do with.  Case in point, my post about Barack Obama and John McCain’s “Q&A” with Rick Warren ended up generating 80 hits in a single day.  Remember, some people truly have nothing better to do at the moment than look for somebody to argue with.  If you continue to be flagrant in your posting style, you can count on getting much repeat traffic… people love to yell.  So not only do you end up getting more hits, but it provides stress relief for the angry liberals that love to troll the blogosphere… if you’re me, anyway.

Rule number 3) TAG IT!  Kind of self-explanatory, but easy to forget.  Tags are powerful tools that scream “lookitME!  lookitme, lookitme, LOOKITME!”  Make your tags as numerous and specific as possible, because it aids the possibility of the person who stumbles across your “brilliance” actually wanting to read what you are talking about.

Here’s to tipping the world’s cows…



~ by xristosdomini on August 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Grand Secret Indeed…”

  1. Secret number 2 will never work for me. At least if politics is the best hot topic. I spend my life working to avoid political discussions (what I have mostly experienced as pride parties and empty debate by expressively opinionated individuals who know virtually nothing about the issue that they are so heatedly discussing; they aren’t always like that, but a large percentage of them are). I just can’t handle them. While those debate-ready people are savvy blog-surfers and a generally comment-happy folk, it’s more than I can typically stomach.

    So… write on, my articulate friend… and may the trafic abound. It makes me glad that those blogs get a lot of trafic. In the fact of my being apolitical, I tend to briefly skim those posts and move on. But I am glad that someone reads them. Because I do tend to find most of your writing to be borderline brilliant (if not deep within the realm of brilliance). The political stuff just isn’t my thing.

    All of that to say… well… I’m not sure what I was saying. Hopefully I said it. 🙂

  2. Some of my writing is somewhat near average thinking…

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