A Young Republican’s Manifesto.

I hate to say it, but the time for something of this nature has long been coming.  I’m young, I’m conservative, and I’m cynical.  Out of my cynicism, I present this list of what direction I would set, were I the Senate Minority Leader.  While many might not find anything new or interesting, I know at least my father will get a kick out of this.

(1) Let’s close the window… instead of throwing our money out of it.  Between overbearing bureaucracy, repetitive social programs, and Federal micromanagement, we lose more tax dollars to paying the government than running it.  While it would be all too cliche to say “we need to get the government out of government…” it wouldn’t be too far outside of reason to say so either.  Streamline it a little, decentralize it a little, empower the states a little, and let’s see what happens.

(2) Let’s grow a pair!  Instead of bending over backwards because the Liberals call us “not nice”, how about carrying some principle behind a desk instead of a secretary?  What happened to the call to make the tax cuts permanent?  What happened to cutting federal taxes on over-priced gasoline?  Oh yeah… “the greenpeace and Planned Parenthood groups need our money!”

(3)  Let’s get moral!  It’s time for the “moral majority” to make a comeback.  Let’s get some right to life stuff passed… now.  Let’s get the line-item veto so we don’t have to sell our souls to get a tax break.  Let’s limit the power of judges to screw over the general populace of the nation.  Let’s increase the penalty for corruption and misconduct to keep people above board.  Let’s stop giving public tax money to an organization that encourages and provides abortions (Yes, I’m looking at you, Planned Parenthood!).

(4) Let’s get the military funded.  Our troops are worth it.  The time is coming to give the men and women overseas the helping hand from back home that they need.  Anyone up for expanding research into body armor and advanced medicine?

(5) Let’s get reasonable.  Medical malpractice lawsuits and frivolous law suits are freaking out of control.  If someone orders coffee, spills it on themselves, and they don’t scream… they probably would have sent it back anyway.  If a doctor jacks something up and they can fix it… they should.  If they can’t, now we have an issue.  I’m sorry, but you don’t need 20 million dollars because you were initially misdiagnosed and felt horrible for a couple days.

I am Conservative… Hear me roar.



~ by xristosdomini on August 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “A Young Republican’s Manifesto.”

  1. Adam. Adam. Wake up. Wake up.
    “(3) Let’s get moral! It’s time for the “moral majority” to make a comeback.”
    Google “Republican corruption and immorality” and study the top site listed, my very own http://LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/gopcorruption.html and then try to say with a straight face that “morality” calls for Conservatives and/or Republicans !

    As for your idea of “Let’s get some right to life stuff passed… now.” while Conservatives and/or Republicans have yapped and yapped and yapped about preventing abortions through legislation, the states with the WORST abortion rates have continued to be the ones run by Conservative Republicans, as I show clearly on my http://LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/graphs.html page, while the states with the LOWEST abortion rates have continued to be states governed by liberal DEMOCRATS!!!

    Maybe, instead or roaring so much, you would be better off doing more READING (of good stuff, not garbage).

  2. Well, “Rev.”, it’s funny you should mention abortion rates… Specifically because the last study on the matter showed that the states with the lowest abortion rates in the nation were all “Red” states. As I said on my last political post, before yapping about what I know, consider what I might know.

    To put it simply, I have little-to-no interest in reading the information at your site, because I am much more interested in official statistics than pre-selected “facts” designed to make my political stance look like utter nonsense. Especially because I’m writing this specifically as a note from a young conservative for conservatives.

    I’m a republican… always have been and always will be… deal with it.

  3. Roar louder!

    I do have to agree with Ray about republicans and morality, though qualified by the observation that immorality among politicians and power brokers is pervasive spanning party. Our democratic republic would be so much healthier if we threw all the bums out a bit more often…

    There is a big difference, though, between observing that many politicians are immoral, and having a political party that embraces and encourages immorality. I would love to see politicians with the stones to say something is wrong because it is. For example:

    Stealing is wrong. It just is.

    Politicians who love to spend taxpayer money, and need to raise taxes to do it, should have to get the consent of all taxpayers, and if a majority of taxpayers agree, then everyone should pay. That’s equal justice for all. One tax law, everyone pays.

    Some politicians say, “more than 80% of voters make less than $75,000/year, so let’s offer them all a $500 payment from the government, provided they vote for a tax increase on the other 20% of tax payers to pay for the scheme – plus some extra.” This strategy of having some vote to tax others is not equal justice – it’s taxation without representation. It’s stealing. It’s wrong.

    The dems and libs say it’s not wrong because the top 20% are evil and deserve to be punished.

    The republicans say its a bad plan because it would hurt the economy and make the “rich” less likely to invest.

    Excuse me. It’s stealing. It’s wrong. It’s immoral.
    It just is.

  4. Taxation is a legal form of thievery. When the government is made into an over-glorified Robin Hood, it is always the abmitious and productive that get penalized along with the scattered few crooks.

    What many people fail to realize is that the only people that get wealthy without either incredibly intelligence or incredible work ethic are the people that inherited it or won the lottery.

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