A Brief Look Back…

I stumbled across this on my computer’s hard drive a little while back, and I had no recollection of writing it.  To share my surprise, here is a quick little diatribe that I don’t remember writing…

Politics and religion.


Religion and Politics rarely seem to make a good combination.  One of the biggest pushes in the modern world is the separation of Church and State.  While this seems like a good theory, there are some major holes that really seem to be missed in the push for total freedom for everyone.

For instance, there is no real way to TOTALLY separate the Church and the State.  What is Religion anyway?  It is Man’s attempt to try to understand God, and in government, you unfortunately have to have people involved somewhere.  And that person has some kind of understanding of God… whether that be that He doesn’t exist, or that He is all-loving, or that He exists, we just can’t know him.  Someone’s religious leanings will always effect their decisions, actions, and behaviors, and when that happens to a leader, it rubs off on their followers.  This is why cults, religions, and denominations all survive the way they do… people get together, and then they all go in the same direction that they can all agree on.  If this was not true, they would all fall apart. 

What does this mean to Governments?  A government will follow the beliefs of it’s members without exception.  When an agnostic is elected a leader of a book club, he will automatically select an assignment that will not offend him… something without God.  However, when a Christian is elected leader, he will probably select something like the Left Behind books.  Why?  Because we will lead in the way that seems best to us… hence, our view of God colors our leadership.  When we elect our President in November, it will be a milestone that will decide how we react to the things around us.  Will we react with the confidence of God’s love?  Or with the instability of our own might?




~ by xristosdomini on August 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Brief Look Back…”

  1. I agree with you. How can anyone genuinely embrace God without it affecting all of their life, attitude, and actions?

    I suppose it makes more sense to compartmentalize if religion is merely a discipline, or a personal philosophy. Disciplines don’t create, don’t supernaturally bless, don’t command, and don’t love.

  2. I believe the way I said it most recenty was something along the lines of, “If you can lead in a way that goes against your religious convictions, then neither is true.”

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