Apologies on a grand scale.

I’m not sure exactly how to intro this post… so I’m just kind of winging it… without Bleu Cheese dressing or anything.  Scary, yah?  So if anybody gets burned by my spicyness here, I doth apologize thrice in advance… it hurt me too.  I was just kind of in the prayer room and I couldn’t pray.  I knew I had something to write, but I didn’t know what.  So I sat down with a pen and a notebook, and this is what came out. 

Apologies On a Grand Scale

Yes we will stumble,

Yes we will fall.

Someday we will up

And lose it all.

What can be said

(when) hearts have gone cold?

Is it perchance,

 we were too bold?


Hard to believe

In spite of what I see.

We still hold to faith

In our magnaminity.


Blast it all

They’ve gone to hell.

Hustled by Chariots,

Duped by a spell.

Lacking all wisdom,

They hate the Light.

But in the end,

We will see who was right.



We will not bury.

As the Psalmist said,

They’ll be gone in a hurry.

Trading truth for lies,

Harsh treatment they’ll receive.

God, don’t let one

Turn out to be me.


Destruction runs

Like an open sewer.

If only the lies

Had been a bit fewer…


Posing as Saints,

And yet really sinners—

True heretics will

Be given no quarter.

Mourn for those souls

That lead others astray.

They’ll burn in their arrogance

Forever on that day.


Who would tell the judge

Their justice was in error?

No forgiveness will be given,

Though penitence be made in furor

As useful as a shack

Amidst a frightful gale—

So too those apologies,

Though on a grand scale.



PS… ouch…


~ by xristosdomini on August 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Apologies on a grand scale.”

  1. Is there a heavy metal riff to go with this one?

  2. Twould be most fitting, I guess.

    For the curious, I was semi-inspired by James 3 when writing this pseudo-poem

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