Give Her Time! She’s Prettier!

Apparently Sarah Palin rocked the house at the RNC convention.  I wouldn’t know… I don’t watch television anymore.  But according to my sources, the convention went nuts and the media seems borderline impressed.  Admittedly, impressing the media as a conservative is a tall order under any circumstances, but after reading some of the main points, I have to admit being somewhat impressed as well.

Firstly, I’m not impressed by Government perks.  Diplomatic Immunity?  BS!  If you hit somebody in traffic and it’s your fault, you should have to pay for it… even if you are an embassador.  Private jets?  If the democrats are really worried about global warming, all those newly elected Democratic governors should be lining up to ditch those polluting monstrosities.  To be sure, Air One and Marine One make a lot of sense… the President is worth keeping a special eye on.  But your governor shouldn’t be too self-important to shun first-class… or even a charter plane for that matter.  That’s why it made me so happy to hear that as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin sold the Governor’s private jet.  Liberal bloggers are ripping the fact that it was a “loss” of half a million dollars… but over how long?  I would rather that they hadn’t spent $2.6 million on a plane in the first place, but better to get out of the maintenence costs than pay a million every couple of months to get the thing repaired.

Secondly, I am a history nerd.  Always have been, most likely always will be.  However, being at IHOP-KC and knowing our prophetic history as losely as I do, the reference to Truman was a little spooky.  What did we learn about Sarah Palin from it?  (A) she can do a crash course in MidAmerican history, (B) she can use older and bigger words correctly (Case in point, haberdasher), (C) she views herself as a rural, “in-touch-with-the-plebians” type… tis’ a nice change from John Kerry spouting “I won three purple hearts” every time he gets on screen.

Thirdly, she looks good on camera…… being a former beauty queen will do that to ya…  (hey, I’m a guy)



~ by xristosdomini on September 4, 2008.

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