Yeap… I’m a dork.  In case anybody is curious what I have been doing when I have a spare half-hour, I’m about to tell you.  Sadly, I have been engrossed in watching the old X-Men cartoon from the early 90’s.  It’s kind of a long story, so it makes for a perfect blog post.

So… for those who have known me for a little while, they know that my house has had a touch of drama recently.  To be noted, I hate roommate drama… with a passion… and a bazooka.  What made it really fun is that one of my roommates started having a really crappy week outside of the drama with who was living where.  His computer’s hard drive and his iPod crashed a couple of days apart from one another.  However, he was in luck because I got bilked into buying an external hard drive when I got my laptop fixed at Micro Center… darn sales rep.  So my hard drive came in very handy for us.  One night and 60GB later, his hard drive was mostly backed up to my externl disc.  The major side affect to this, is that I now have a lot of video files on that drive that I have never seen before.  A couple the folders happen to have the first five seasons of the FoxKids X-men cartoon that I was too young to be allowed to watch at the time.

Being the absolute geek that I am…………… I was delighted.  As I have stated a couple of times, I am finding myself enjoying comic books.  Currently, I am wishing for books three and four of the “Age of Apocolypse” series… mostly because I don’t have $60 to drop on them.  So, imagine this 20 year old guy sitting at the dining room table grinning ear-to-ear while watching a cartoon almost as old as he is.  That guy is me.




~ by xristosdomini on September 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Unreal…”

  1. Did you say 5 seasons of the Xmen cartoons? Really?

    So, may we look forward to a thorough review, and maybe a political metaphor or two?

  2. Uhm… no… the gay rights metaphor behind X-Men isn’t going to get airtime. Not on my blog anyway.

  3. Dude. That sounds like some cartoon! And, yes, I can see you sitting there, grinning from ear to ear. It makes me smile.

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