Born for a War


“For such a time as this”

By clicking on the “Continue reading…” link and reading this far into this post, I’m going to assume you want to hear what I’m about to say.  That is good, because the following message is not for the faint of heart or the wavering of faith.  Our nation is involved in a Life and Death struggle.  I’m not talking about the “War on Terror” (whatever you feel about it).  I’m talking about the “War on Morality”.  If you still believe that America is a “Christian Nation”, the time to wake up and clean the blood from the rose thorns off your posterior is now.

Sad to say a mere 50 years ago it was a necessity that you at least look like you were trying to be moral or you would become a social pariah.  Now, if you are anything even remotely resembling first century Christianity you are an “uptight bigot”… a modern man’s way of saying “social pariah”.  If you happen to follow some new religion, you are a quirky “cutting edge” individual no matter what your beliefs actually are.  If you are living an “alternative” lifestyle, you are to be respected, modeled, and given a book deal.  What use to be called abomination is now held aloft as a trophy of human developement and “tolerance”.

I’m thinking of a couple instances specifically, but this isn’t the place to broach most of them(here’s a hint… “The ‘L’ Word”, “Big Love”, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, “Desperate Housewives”… the only one missing would be one about a pedophile).  We, as a nation, are facing many issues that will greatly influence our continued existance as a nation.  No, I’m not saying that the homosexual community is destroying the country… directly.  What I am saying is that we are facing too many issues that place us in direct opposition to what God has said is righteousness.  Homosexuality, Abortion, Polygamy… they are all side effects of a very virulent disease.  What disease? 

People hate God.

That sounds intense and melodramatic.  It should.  Time and again through the Bible, nations are judged in very intense and “melodramatic” ways because they allowed sin to dwell in their midst for so long that it became an accepted part of every day life.  The Assyrian and Babylonian captivities were both judgements upon Israel and Judah, respectively, because they had gone the way of the Canaanites before them.  I fear that we are sprinting headlong towards the same precipice.  For those who have spiritually been called to the Wall, it should be very obvious that our nation is in serious jeopardy this year.  If the economic heart attack wasn’t enough to tell you this, lets make some pointed considerations…

  • Barack Obama (Democratic candidate for President) has in the past voted to legalize infanticide (in the Illinois Legislature), and has made specific statements that when he is elected he is going to sign a Presidential order countermanding all limitations on Abortion.  Once again America would become the only country in the world that has legalized Partial Birth Abortion.  Your “PreTeen” daughter could go get pregnant and have an abortion across state lines without you ever knowing anything happened.
  • California and Massachusetts have both begun marrying homosexual couples.  This is a direct dichotomy to some states (such as Oklahoma) that have passed a Protection of Marriage Act.  This dichotomy will not stand for long.  Mark my words, there is going to be a showdown in the Supreme Court over this one… soon.
  • New Orleans was nearly leveled AGAIN by a hurricane.  It’s kind of hard to shout much louder.

Yes, we are in a war.  Iraq and Afghanistan are merely pictures of what is going on within our nation.  Whatever the outcome, November 4th will go down in History as the day that altered the fate of the United States of America.  So here is the diabolical question…  What will each and every one of us do about it?  Hadassah (aka, Esther) was born for a war.  She called the entire Jewish population of the Persian Empire to fast three days and nights… no food or water.  Six days later, God delivered an entire race from annihilation, and King Xerxes gave them two days to wreak havoc on their enemies.  This is why we fast and pray… for such a time as this.

May God have mercy on America.



~ by xristosdomini on September 10, 2008.

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  1. Amen

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