Oh Dang!

Me and my “Oh Dang” days.  Basically, I will randomly pick a day and dress up a bit (sometimes a lot, sometimes a litle) and just do my normal stuff… dressed for anything.  I must admit, today was one of those days.  There is nothing quite so intriguing as going to the Prayer room to have a guy tell me that he “could get used to seeing me like this… it’s very… GQ……”  Well don’t let the word get out, I guess.

Funny thing about suit jackets, though, is that they are way more flexible than most would give them credit for.  Put it over the top of a raggedy T-shirt and you go from being a bum to being post-modern and “Artsy”.  Put it over a button up shirt with a pair of bangin’ jeans and you get the ghetto-chic goin on… change the pants, tuck in the shirt and you have a decent suit to work with.  If you put it over the top of a nice T-shirt… you’re just trying too hard.

I’m not entirely sure why I have “Oh Dang” days…  I’m guessing it’s mostly just that I want to combat popular opinion and show that I CAN dress myself when I want to.  Besides, in a totally non-narcissistic way I could get used to seeing me like this from time to time as well.




~ by xristosdomini on September 30, 2008.

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