Prematurely Presidential…

Seems the news Media is getting bored with the Election coverage.  Not because it has any less importance, but becaue they whipped themselves into such a frenzy that it has just gotten old.  They exhausted their “History!” calls during the DNC convention (thank God) and didn’t have the fervor to keep it up when they found out that not many people really care about the race of the candidate.  The warm fuzzies of “he picked a woman VP!” only lasted about a week and a half.  Normally in a presidential race the MSM would be hyperventilating about who said what, who went where, and who has raised how much money.  Not so this year.  I gotta wonder why?  Quite possibly because the economic news has better chance of bringing Emmy accolades, or maybe because this vicious campaign has been relatively seamless.

At the beginning of August, it was all made official… McCain/Palin vs. Obama/Biden…  A bit of campaigning and two debates later and there has been very little excitement.  In was to the point that the BBC last night was asking for opinions about whether or not the debates actually accomplish anything and noting the lack of gaffe’s on both sides of the fence.  Sarah Palin shocked everybody by actually being able to hold up in a debate, Joe Biden surprised us all by not sticking his foot in his mouth.  John McCain won points for proving that he could stay awake without the aid of metamucil, and Barack Obama didn’t crack under the pressure of a presidential-level confrontation.  What does that translate to in human terms?  Both debates were relatively sterile and gave us very little insight into the actual candidates… all four are quality politicians.  In fact, the same BBC report that I alluded to earlier felt a need to make mention that “both debates have featured very senatorial speeches that have already either been heard on the stump or on the Senate floor… or both.”

Now to my cynicism…  Most people would say that this is great because we are going to have a politically slick President.  Myself?  Not so much.  I’m more worried that they are saving their respective gaffes for after inauguration day.  My formula tends to look like, “Clean race, horrible finish… horrible race, spectacular finish”.  I have to admit, I’m starting to agree with Stuart’s assessment that Reagan was the final strong American President.  To put it another way, Reagan was our Josiah.  If you need a timeline to scare you inspire prayer, take a look at 2 Chronicles.




~ by xristosdomini on October 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Prematurely Presidential…”

  1. Did you watch either debate? I did not; although I am interested, informed, and very likely to vote. I will avoid the next two debates as well.

    My issue is that I’ve already decided to vote for a candidate that I have a profound personal distaste for, in order to vote against a candidate I abhor. I know what I have to do, but when I hear either one of these doofs – uh, politicians – I am bound to be insulted and offended again by what they say.

    An analogy: Mucking out the stalls is a necessary task and there is a sense of satisfaction or relief when it’s done, but it’s not pleasant and doesn’t smell nice. To me, watching the debate would be like going back out to the pile of muck, and rolling around in it just for fun. Still unpleaseant and probably smells even worse.

    I have high hopes for Sarah Palin, but the rest of the candidates just have that certain smell, ya’know?

  2. I caught the very tail end of the VP debate. Based on what I saw, it is God’s mercy to the world that I didn’t see much more of it. Not only was there a very liberal leaning feel in the coverage (note: of all the people there in St. Louis, including the likes of Giuliani and Romney, the news people decided to interview the Democrat Senator from Missouri… shady), but the debate strategies were… very obvious.

    Sarah Palin’s strategy was relatively sound… Make Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth by putting the pressure on his platform. Not that he usually needs the help, but it seemed like a good idea. Result: Failure. Biden still looked like an intelligent individual after the debate.

    Joe Biden’s strategy wasn’t too far off either… harp on Palin’s lack of experience and the connection that exists between McCain and our current president. Neither should have been difficult because both are relatively true. Result: Failure. Basically Biden didn’t really prove that Palin is too inexperienced to serve as VP (especially since most of those arguments could be used on the DNC PRESIDENTIAL nominee in the next debate), and really made the DNC look like it is in witch hunt mode in trying to prove that McCain would be 8 more years of Bush.

    That being said, I agree that Sarah Palin has been the one bright spot in this campaign for me.

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