As funny looks as that word is, it is quite appropriate.  After all, tis a funny looking word that matches a very confused emotion.  What am I in angst about?  Better yet… what am I not in angst about?  I’m not by nature a worrier, but in reality am much sooner given to frustration and anger.  How much brains does it take to see that Russia is attempting to rebuild the Soviet Empire… uhm… Union?

I remember quite recently there was a story on Fox News about how the IAEA is warning that Iran is “trying to hide nuclear activities”.  No they aren’t.  They are going about their “nuclear activities” in full view of the whole world and daring anyone to come after them for it.  The US intelligence community (the same collaborative body that brought us “indisputable evidence” of Iraq’s WMD stockpiles) is now saying that Iran could have a working nuclear device within five years.  Israel (the same intelligence service that told the US government of armed convoys disappearing across the Iraqi border into the Syrian desert prior to the Iraq invasion) has asked the US to back military actions against Iran, and President Bush (most likely because of the pressure of the fickle American public) refused to do so.  So guess what?  If Iran actually develops nuclear weapons, it is on the head of the American Anti-War crowd.  Not a pretty picture, eh?

Pirates.  Now, I’m not going here just because I am a ninja… but I do loathe pirates (with a few notable exceptions… such as Danny Hibberd) with a passion.  A Russian cargo tanker carrying some tanks and other heavy munitions bound for Africa was seized by Pirates recently.  Guess what?  They are partying and feasting with their hostages and booty.  Why has this thing not been blow out of the water already?  Oh yeah… Russia has “strained relations” with the Western World.  For the sake of their pride, Russia won’t take care of it, and for fear of a nuclear war we won’t take care of it.  Seems crime does pay after all, eh?

I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing this post.  I guess my point is that if we all lived via the Sermon on the Mount, life and international politics would be so much easier.  Thank God that Jesus is returning to set up his perfect kingdom…




~ by xristosdomini on October 7, 2008.

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  1. Amen

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