Hooray For Idiocy!

It’s a great time to be a conservative, ain’t it?  As I already stated in one of my previous posts, I haven’t seen much of the debates, and it’s a good thing too.  Simple strategies with repetitive rhetoric just gets boring.  However, I have to admit that sometimes seeing a stuffed-suit professional making a complete buffoon of themselves is quite gratifiying… unless that person is a liberal, in which case the media will casually glance over it as them showing their “humanity” and being inconsequential.

However it seems that the liberals have a couple of dirty secrest of their own… namely that they can’t quite keep their facts straight.  For example, view this list of beauties from Joe Biden that appeared on FoxNews that you will most likely not see anywhere else…

— Will McCain’s health care proposals raise taxes? Biden says that McCain’s proposal will cost people money. The Tax Foundation finds that could easily be “roughly deficit-neutral over ten years.”

— Under an Obama Administration the middle class will “pay no more than they did under Ronald Reagan”? No, the tax rates will be similar to the higher rates under Clinton.

— Did “we spend more money in three weeks on combat in Iraq than we spent on the entirety of the last seven years that we have been in Afghanistan building that country”? No, one year’s worth of spending in Iraq equaled five in Afghanistan.

— France and the U.S. “kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon”? No, and it wouldn’t have made much more sense if he had said “Syria” instead.

— Is it really “simply not true” that Obama said that he would meet with the leader of countries such as Iran without preconditions? No, Obama said “I would.”

— Did Obama warn against letting Hamas participate in Palestinian legislative elections in 2005? No.

— Do “Iraqis have an $80 billion surplus”? No. If oil prices had remained high, it might have reached $50 billion by the end of this year.

— Finally, an amusing point as evidence that Biden is just one of the people he pointed to, inviting anyone to have a beer with him at “Katie’s Restaurant” in Wilmington, Del. Unfortunately, people will have a hard time taking him up on his offer, since the restaurant hasn’t had that name for probably 15 years.

When you add to this the fact that he didn’t even seem to know what the VP office actually entails, it seems rather comical that the left is doing everything in it’s power to make Sarah Palin look like an incompetent jackass.  Yes, I’m going to be voting for John McCain… not because I have an incredibly rabid appreciation for John McCain, but rather because Sarah Palin is ‘da…… uhm…… woman!  Lets face it, after 8 years of a McCain Presidency, we could have a very experienced woman running for President!  You want to make history?  Let’s set up an amazing individual to run the country so that we can make history without throwing our nation in the crapper to do so.  I’m going to agree with John McCain… we do not have time for “on the job training”.




~ by xristosdomini on October 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Hooray For Idiocy!”

  1. For those interested, the above list of facts was taken from a Fox News article. You can read the whole thing here:


  2. Did you see the Presidential debate last night?

    I did not – that makes me 3 for 3, and if I maintain my streak, I expect to warmly congratulate myself.

    My TV priority extended to watching a very poor quality video of a thoroughly delightful performance of the “Pirates of Pensanze” from 1980 starring Kevin Kline and Linda Ronstadt. Again. Yea Netflix!

  3. I did not either. I was too busy hanging out with a friend to be bothered by political wrangling. I figured that they were pretty much going to say stuff I had already heard. So yeah, I’m 2.8 for 3…

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