Post-modernity is a Cancer

Pope Benedict said it pretty well when he gave a speech to the most recent synod of Catholic Bishops.  He told the world that religion is an inherent part of the human identity and that all societies needed to do better at making room for God in the public square.  I fully agree that if the Public square is no arena for God, then the square isn’t public.  However, there is a certain strain of philosophy that attempts to debase more than the idea of a religion being correct, but is attempting to redefine humanity and the purpose of life altogether.  The philosophical leanings of the Post Modern world.

For those who need a quick reference of what Post Modernism is, I’ll give you a snapshot.  Post Modernism is pretty much a set of philosophy that believes that “truth” is something defined by the individual and by any kind of cosmological structure (ie, God).  Post-modernist thought debases all arguments outside of the scientific circles because what I find is true may not be what you find is true.  Because of this inherent complexity, argument, debate, religion, and philosophy are all absolutely pointless.  To paraphrase, “eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!”

You see, post-modernism ascribes this slightly nebulous “value” to all things no matter what their cosmic value might or might not be.  In the post modernist mindset, the person who believes in a fairytale style “Mother Earth” entity is just as sane and correct as a person who believes in a more traditional deity.  This is a cancer on the intellect humanity.  If we truly believe that there is any kind of meaning to life, we have to believe that there is also an absolute yes and an absolute no.  Consider Post Modernity as agnosticism extrapolated to every sphere of life.

One of the most nefarious examples of post modernity in every day life, just take a look at liberal theology in the Western Church (most notably in the “Emergent Church”).  People who champion this cause tend to believe that Christ did not actually rise from the dead (which forms the basis of the foundation of Christianity), that God did not actually create the earth (which calls into question the truthfulness of the Bible itself), and that homosexuality is not actually a sin (even though the Old Testament specifically says so on many occasions).  At that point, they are Christians in Name Only… or as I affectionately call them, Chinoes.  God is not post modern… rather, He is the most ancient thing you will ever find.  To believe that the Bible is, is to surrender any credibility of actually knowing God.

Consider now how our love affair with Post Modern thought puts us at a direct opposition to who God is.  I mean, how uber-traditional, bigoted, and offensive to the post modern mindset is it when Jesus says that He is “the way, the truth, and the life.  No man comes unto the Father except through me.”  There are not many roads to follow… God is not the local highway Interchange (think the DFW Mix Master, the Denver Mousetrap, or the Grandview Triangle).  You can’t get on several roads to end up at the humanistic nexxus of thought and existence that we like to commonly refer to as “god”.  Rather, because He is the nexxus of all good things in existence, you have to get on the exact road that will lead you to Him.  Otherwise, you will end up stuck on the Downtown Loop at rush hour with no hopeful way of ever getting off… otherwise known as “hell”.

If truth has no real value because it changes based on the consumer, then Jesus was a liar, life has no point, religion is a mere façade, and we might as well follow every whim and craving of our flesh.  If we did that, we would see just how quickly the “moral fabric” of society would turn to a moth-eaten old quilt that isn’t fit to throw over a chair in the foyer.  If there is no rock that we can anchor to safely, we will find ourselves cut adrift in a very large ocean.




~ by xristosdomini on October 9, 2008.

One Response to “Post-modernity is a Cancer”

  1. “post modern” sounds so novel and contemporary, but isn’t really just Judges 17:6 all over again for the umpteen-millionth time? Ec 1:9.

    I didn’t understand everything you wrote above, but I have the nagging feeling you’re on the right track. Keep preaching!

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