Political Seppuku…

To be noted before diving into this post, this has nothing to do with one of my previous posts named “Systematic Seppuku”.  Rather, I just like to say “Seppuku”.

Tonight is the last Presidential debate before the November 4th election.  That being said, tonight is the last night for a live, nationally synidcated gaffe by either John McCain or Barack Obama.  I’m going to make a few predictions… both are going to make intelligent statements, both are going to attack each other, and after the debate the vast majority of political commentators are going to hail Obama as the second coming of Jesus while saying that McCain made himself look like a total bastar… uhm… Republican.

All that aside, there are some thing happening that I would like to highlight prior to this debate’s finale.  Namely…




First off… what was John Murtha thinking? If you are the elected official from Pennsylvania, what the freak are you doing attempting to PO half the population of your state before coming up for re-election?!  I guess Murtha just showed us all why he didn’t get picked for the DNC vice presidential nod.  But then again, we could probably say that he was just stealing a page from Obama’s Playbook… offend all the white people and you are heralded as a “unifier”!

Secondly… Obama has zero right to complain about his “poor media image”.  The only poor media image is the one he has formed in his mind.  Since the end of July (read: since Sarah Palin became the VP candidate for McCain), the press has been most vehement about how McCain is nothing but a baby-stealing, economy-tanking bigot (forgetting that this is the same guy that they were praising for his Maverick qualities two years ago), and exonerating Obama as the long-awaited savior to redeem America from her erroneous Regan era sins of Nationalism, privatization, and a large, scary military.  I find it funny that for all the quips about how “out there” and “extremist” Fox News is in the eyes of your typical liberal, Fox News is singled out as causing a FOUR POINT drop in Obama’s popularity.  I guess they aren’t so extremist if they can affect that much of the electorate.  Oh yeah, I keep forgetting the DNC mantra… “If only my opponent was unarmed and asleep I would win!”  Sure… if there were no news sources with a half-way conservative bent then the DNC candidates would win every single election…  Call us bigots, call us racists… but this is what the “Fairness Doctrine” should technically bring more of to the airwaves.

Prediction 1: Regardless of fact, Obama is going to be fawned over by 95% of the media.

Prediction 2: Murtha is still going to get re-elected and no one is going to know how.

Prediction 3: God is still going to be in charge.




~ by xristosdomini on October 15, 2008.

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