A Glimpse Through My Eyes.

At church on Sunday (Stuart Greaves was preaching, if anyone cares), the main topic was “Prophetic Messengers of Justice”.  If you have a taste for that sort of thing, I highly suggest logging on the International House of Prayer website and listen to the recording, because it was amazing.  One of the things mentioned was how we need to “Watch CNN with tongues” (making reference to listenin for the voice of God in world events).  To that end, the following News bits all caught my attention for different reasons.  If you like the way I think, you might enjoy this post.

We Will Not Attack our neighbors! … my fingers seem to be stuck crossed…


Yeah… Russia won’t attack it’s neighbors… except Georgia and other pro-American states that used to be part of the Soviet Bloc.  Shall we mention the fleet of Soviet battle cruisers heading for Venezuela that mark the largest Russian influence in the area since the Cold War?  Shall We mention the live-fire Aeronautical exercises over the North Pole?  Russia seems to have a very poor poker face.  Much like Iran, Russia is trying very hard to sound like they are the poor downtrodden just trying to make their way in the world, but much like Iran, everything they actually DO seems contrary to that vision.  We’ll see how the score on this one settles, but I’m betting that Bob Jones prophecy of the Spirit of Islam and the Spirit of Communism is about to get a lot more serious in a real hurry.

Oops… Wrong switch!  #*$&%^!!!!!!!!


hehe… according to the people who are paid to watch such things, a couple of public forums used by Al Qaeda and “several other Sunni Extremist Groups” seem to have suddenly gone off-line for “Technical Reasons”.  See what happens when you try to build a dedicated server network in a cave, boys and girls?  I think the best is that the “Technical Support” people for this website have warned their users to not trust lookalike sites.  How much would that suck?  Go onto a public forum, scream “Down with A******!” and the next thing you know you are getting picked up by the FBI.

But What a Wonderful World War Would We Start…


Turkey is doing to Iraq what we keep wanting to do to Pakistan.  And yet for some reason there isn’t the same amount of rage being flung at Turkey over “respecting the border”.  Okay, I can understand not liking the Kurds, and the PKK is pretty irritating at it’s basest level… but why risk losing a 50 million dollar plane to kill 35 guys?  At least with Special Ops guys you can cover it up if one of them biffs it, but when you Air Force budget triples because you are losing planes in cross-border fighting with a bunch of extremist guerillas, you gotta start wondering if you are in the right business.  My main worry about this situation is that Iran doesn’t like Iraq either.  If Iran suddenly decides to come across their border with the six-shooters blazing, we could have a very sticky mess in a very short amount of time.

Bummer, Achmed… Global Conquest will have to wait for next year…


Okay… the UN security council has Iran under two levels of internationally binding sanctions intent on “isolating” the Tehran Government from the rest of the world.  Yet under all of that the UN still puts Iran on the ballot for a non-permanent membership in the Security Council?  And Iran STILL got 35 votes?  I have compassion for Iceland… they were expected to be the tion to beat for the European seat until the financials market tanked… but Iran?  Imagine a KKK member attempting to publically run for a seat on the Congressional committee of Hate Crimes… that’s about what having Iran on the Security Council would be.  “Hey, we have these guys under the political gun because they are breaking the Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty and hate the entire Western World… Let’s put them in place to vote against their own sanctions!”




~ by xristosdomini on October 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Glimpse Through My Eyes.”

  1. “Bummer, Achmed… ” heh heh…

  2. I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

  3. Thanks, FP!

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