The Massacre.

I’ve said it a couple different times to a couple different people… but it bears repeating again.  I am a Republican for many reasons, and none of them are because the Republicans are the “Christian party” (because they aren’t)…  That being said, this election finds God focusing on one thing in my heart.  Namely, God is systematically destroying my faith in the political system.  As I survey the political landscape of this nation (early predictions of an Obama win and all), I am becoming more and more convinced that God is attempting to get me to not look to the political realm for a savior for the morals of my nation.

Yes, I am still passionate about the fight against abortion.  Yes, I am still very passionate about the definition of marriage.  Yes, I do care about the plight of the poor (which is not rare for GOP members).  However, the answer to these various problems are not the politicians of the current prop.  As much as I wish that there was righteousness to be found amongst the rulers of this country, I cannot find it without a deep and dedicated search into the most random of places (such as the the gubernatorial offices of Alaska… different topic).  The answer to the questions is the man Jesus Christ.

I could go on for days about how the Democrat’s social insurance programs do not equate with serving the poor.  I could go on about how a graduated tax does not equal “paying your fair share”.  I could go on about how Jesus never called for a severely limited Federal Government.  I could even get into how abortions performed in the case of rape, incest, or the health of the mother are just as grave a sin as partial-birth abortion.  But for all of this, the fact remains that the current pluralistic political structure of the USA (or any nation, for that matter) is guilty before God of grave injustice.

People of the Religious persuasion are being played like a fiddle by the various political parties.  While most would start shaking their self-righteous fingers in the face of the Republican Party leadership, it cannot be denied that the Democrats are beginning to play the same tune.  Where in the Bible is extreme taxation on the wealthy to pay for a social insurance program for those who refuse to help themselves actually heralded by Jesus?  Where does Jesus say “thou shalt not build on thy land when a good Samaritan discovers a wounded animal on it”?  Where does God thunder from heaven and declare “Thou shalt build thy vehicles with a fuel standard of no less than 25 miles per gallon.  The interloping Sport Utility Vehicles shall have their place in the Lake of Fire!”?  Answer: nowhere.

The church is under attack.  There are forces attempting to divide the church and pit one side against the other, both thinking they are adressing the number 1 issue on God’s heart for the hour… when we should be praying and preaching the Gospel.  I see it happening all over the place, where the Tony Campolo’s are preaching that the Pat Robertson’s are deranged idiots blindly following a slick marketing campaign, and the Jerry Falwells are preaching that the Tony Campolo’s are harboring gross compromise and humanism.  How is this beneficial in any way, shape, or form to forwarding the purpose of the Gospel?  Answer: it isn’t.

When will we stop putting up with the divide and conquer routine and actually begin preaching true justice?  creating a giant nipple for the masses to suckle from does no good of any kind unless it also comes with (A) guidance to the path of maturity and (B) the coming Christ.  If I give a homeless person $20, then they have $20.  If I give them $20 and the Gospel, they may end up in possession of their soul and a hot meal.  When Paul told the crippled man “Silver and Gold have I none, but such as I have I give to you…”, that man did not just recieve the use of his legs.  He recieved a testimony of the power of the risen Christ, and ostensibly, the forgiveness of his sins.  That is what true justice is.  The culture war isn’t between the Godless liberals and the Christian Conservatives.  The Culture War is between the church and secular postmodernism… unfortunately, we seem to be on the short end of the stick thus far.




~ by xristosdomini on October 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Massacre.”

  1. Well said.

    I think it’s time the church realize that the institution God created to bless and minister to the world is not a political party – it’s a body, with a head.

  2. Honestly, I’m most intrigued to see what proper government is going to look like in the Millenium. Since I have never seen totalitarianism done correctly (what with the psychopathic dictators and all), it is going to be most interesting to see what it is actually supposed to be.

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