Why Liberal Policy Isn’t Actually Biblical…

I’m sure one day I will write one of these for the Conservative side of life as well, but right now I need to stick to what I know.  I want to say straight out that no party in our political system is actually a “Christian” political party, and no current political party’s views line up with Scripture.  While you can chalk that up to the general fallenness of man, I tend to put the blame more on the fact that people are more interested in worshipping themselves than God.  Also to be noted is that I know many Christians that are raving liberals… just like I know many Christians that are rabid conservatives.  I’m not interested in calling anyone’s salvation into question, just their political views.  I only feel fair to warn you all that this is a lengthy post…

Social Insurance Programs (ie, Social Security or welfare).  Most of the time that I have a discussion along this line, people tell me that this aspect of the liberal agenda (right along with most other “social justice issues”) is following the Biblical mandate to take care of the poor.  At first glance, that would seem to make sense… raise taxes on the wealthy (who most likely got their riches through ill means) and give that money to those suffering from systemic injustice or rotten luck.  However, there are a couple of problems to be addressed with this line of thinking.  To be sure, the only thing I can “kind of” see being “right” would be the dreaded Universal Healthcare machine… but even then, it runs the risk of tanking the entire healthcare system which isn’t fair for anybody.

The first for me to examine is that God loves a cheerful giver… and I don’t know anyone who enjoys paying their taxes.  Regardless of what your respective tax rate is, nobody really smiles on April 15th.  If it happened to be a joyful occasion, there would be far fewer people attempting to send in their return at 11:59 PM.  By taxing the rich individuals of the world out of much of their hard earned money, we also foster what I like to call the “Scrooge Mentality”.  “If the poor were just more humble they would take the federal aid that I have given X-amount of my hard earned money to support!”  As someone who is interested in what happens to poor people, I think it would be much more effective if their help is to come from actual people rather than the faceless Government.

The second item of interest to me is the whole “give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish” thing.  Money disappears when you spend it, but skills can generate the money you need.  In fact, there is a reason why prison is nicknamed the greatested trade school in the world.  Your tax dollars at work, to see the propogation of some of the greatest criminal skill sets known to man.  If the government gives a man a handout, they make him dependent on “American” generosity and cripple him for life.  If we teach that same man to arc weld, he can find gainful employment and find the overjoyed sensation of paying income tax every April.

Last but not least for taking care of the poor, is that Government social insurance programs (due to out pluralistic [read: secular] society) cannot alleviate the greatest injustice that the poor face… their need for Christ.  You want to talk injustice?  Give a poor man ten dollars without the Gospel and you reinforce to him that his belly is his god!  So now imagine what happens when the next World War hits and the social structure of our society collapses… bye-bye Government checks…  Then some nutcase signs a seven year peace treaty with Israel, unites the entire world under a single banner, and offers to kick-start the social insurance programs, on the condition that you take a tatoo and a small implant that show allegiance to this new nation…  If you have been worshipping your now-empty stomach, you will follow it to wherever it leads you.  Give a poor man ten dollars with the Gospel, and God has provided for both their earthly sustenance and their eternal condition.  The end results could not be more opposite.

The Environment.  On the one hand, I admire them for sticking to their guns on their issues.  On the other hand, I have a very hard time taking someone who intends to die on this hill seriously.  I definitely care about the environment.  To do less is highly short-sighted.  However, we have to temper the environment’s concerns with our own.  God made the earth and said that it was good (translation: He liked it), but God made Man in His image.  To say it as one of my friends did, “God made man to take dominion of the planet and rule over it, but they say we need to live at the mercy of Nature.”  Admittedly, Man forfeited his dominion of the planet in the Garden of Eden, but that is one of the things that Jesus died to buy back.  To see their perspective of the environment in their own words, take a look at this FoxNews article.  As I said, I’m all for protecting the environment, but it is not my master.

Abortion.  If I really need to explain this one… okay, I will.  One of the things that I find more disturbing than most political issues that discuss is the radical abandonment on the left to the wholesale slaughter of the “sons and daughters” that we are radibly trying to save the planet for.  Irony, thy name is Liberal.  If you want to see why Abortion is such a big deal to me, feel free to read my “Doctrine of Bloodguilt” post.  However, my angst aside, how can a group of people that claim to fight for the “oppressed and disinfranchised” then give their seal of approval to a genocide of the single most oppressed, vulnerable, and undefended people group on the planet… otherwise known of the “next generation”.

Obviously there is far more that I could get into if I wanted.  Whether it is illegal immigration, a respect for the rule of law, the necessity of war, the importance of religion in the public sector, or even a graduated tax system, I find myself diameterically opposed to most stances that the left takes.  While you should feel free to believe what you want politically, it is delusion to say that your political stances are biblical.  Unless your political stance begins and ends with Jesus, you are applying your human ingenuity to make life work until the millenium.  Neither Conservatives nor Liberals get their basic platform from the Bible, but from their political philosophy… Until we actually admit to ourselves that our political philosphies are just that, the Church in the USA is going to remain divided.



~ by xristosdomini on October 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Why Liberal Policy Isn’t Actually Biblical…”

  1. You’re right again.

    I think this is brilliant: “Give a poor man ten dollars without the Gospel and you reinforce to him that his belly is his god!”

    Here’s a thought on social welfare approach you mentioned above. I think everyone can agree that no one will be getting rich on welfare, that’s not its purpose. So, folks on welfare should have a desire to do way better than the poverty-level subsistence welfare provides – some do, but voting for more extensive welfare is never going to make it – even if we were to become a pure socialist state, the best most ordinary folk could hope for is to just get by – look at any failed [or presently failing] communist state in its heyday to see this truth. The only people who do well under general socialism are the crooks, and those that administer the system (the government, but I repeat myself).

    People should want to do better than socialism can supply, and in a free capitalist society, they are free to do way better by working hard. This is a foundational truth everyone should know.

    Some people are content to just get by – they need a dad to kick them in the pants and get them going. The government will never do that.

    Some people don’t realize they can do better – they also need a dad to cut off the allowance and take away the toys until you demonstrate some responsibility and show me some passion to live up to your potential. Now turn off the @*#(%& TV and go get a job! Uh, yeah, well anyway.

    The government is not a good parent. The government likes dependents – docile, helpless, easily manipulated by the promise of an inexpensive goodie or two at no obvious charge.

    I really see how this leads to a world ripe for the tribulation. You make a fantastic point.

  2. The typical Marxist “class warfare” is really engaging in a never ending struggle with yor neightbors. At least with Capitalism the only thing you have to really fight is your own creativity.

    The problem with socialism, as you already mentioned, is that the only people who really do well under it are the crooks and the government… ie, the targets of most class-based angst. The only way for socialism to survive is to believe the slightly naive idea that people will work hard for no reward. “Everybody is going to get the same stuff no matter what you do… so work your bum off!” I that sense, the only way socialism would work would be if it was combined with a religious/philosophical system that included a high value of work (for instance, “do everything as unto the Lord). Since most social innovations are desined to allow us to work less, that seems rather doubtful in the less religiously inclined.

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