The Bicentennial…

As I go to press with this, the 200th Beat Down, I am led to consider the current state of the world.  As it is, the world seems quite content attempting to throw itself down the toilet.  Considering that the government is supposed to be representative of the people, we should theoretically be able to look at the government and get a good feel of how the people in America are thinking.  How scary is that?      

I was recently e-mailed an audio clip by one of my supervisors that had been successfully extracted from the Howard Stearn show.  To be clear, I have no desire of any kind to appear to endorse Howard Stearn in any way, shape, or form… but this particular case was genius.  One of his staffers drove from their downtown studio out to Harlem to investigate a theory.  In the polls, Barack Obama has carried 90% or more of the African American population and everyone says that it has nothing to do with race.  While that’s fine, Howard Stearn wanted to investigate it.  So this staffer decided to drive out to Harlem (where the vast majority of people are pro-Obama) and ask them why they were voting for Barack Obama, then ask them about several of the planks in B.O.’s (massive pun alert) platform.  The catch?  All of the issues that were ascribed to the esteemed democratic candidate were actually issues supported by Mr. Evil himself… John McCain.

For example…

Staffer: “So, why are you voting for Barack Obama?”

Nondescript passerby: “Well, he seems more in touch with his voters, and like he knows what he is doing”

S: “Are you voting for Obama because he is Pro-life, or because he is against stem-cell research?”

NP: “uhm… both.  I mean, good for him for sticking to his conscience… and I’m against stem cell research.”

S: “So what do you think of him picking Sarah Palin to be his running mate?”

NP:  “I think she is going to do a good job for him…”

 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  I still think my favorite was a woman who said that she was voting for Barack Obama because John McCain didn’t seem to know what he was doing while Barack Obama “had a good command of facts”… and then answered about how great a pick Sarah Palin was for Obama’s running mate.  Now, I was over at my sister’s house when I listened to this clip… and it was all fun and games for a while.  Then my sister’s über-apolitical roommate said, “and those people are going to decide the future of America…” 

Okay, all those ready to go shoot themselves say, “aye”.

Why I am voting for Vice-President

Pardon me for my bluntness in the next couple of paragraphs, but my vote on November 4th will not reflect my opinions for or against either of the Presidential candidates, but rather for the vice-presidential candidates.  Why?  Well, firstly I have a bad taste in my mouth from John McCain’s years as a “maverick” (translation: ideological traitor) in the Senate and my opinions about Barack Obama aren’t exactly polite conversation.  Secondly, these two knuckleheads running for the Presidency are perhaps the two riskiest candidates of all time.

Why is Barack Obama risky?  You mean aside from the Marxism?  Okay… aside from the fact that an Obama presidency would be putting a socialist in charge of a government that just partially nationalized the banking system, Obama has a much more glaring quality that puts a target on his forehead.  His race.  Now, I think that America has made much progress in the area of racial relations since the 60’s.  To say that we haven’t made progress is to be blind to the culture around you (ie, a black man running for the presidency under the auspices of a major political party).  However, while guys like the KKK and other white supremacists have been pushed further and further outside of “normal society”, to say that racism is dead is incredibly naïve.  Just two weeks ago the FBI arrested two guys for planning to behead a bunch of black people and kill Barack Obama.  While the FBI has rightly earned much kudos for busting up the plan in the very early stages (ie, zero body count and Obama’s S.S. detail [bad omen] didn’t need to be notified), we need to realize that there is a drastic difference between hardcore KKK members and two 19-year-olds with hot heads and raging hormones.  For example, guys over the age of 25 will have an easier time keeping a secret.  So yes, there is a real possibility (God forbid) that Joe Biden may need to assume the Presidency.

Why is John McCain risky?  Firstly, racism works both ways.  Much as “class relations” (the inner-workings of the relationship between upper-class, middle-class, and “working”-class) tend to glorify those appearing to be lowest on the food chain (“the poor man does no wrong”), the same is true of racial relations.  Within the modern “civil rights” movement, there is this odd idea that black people do not actually commit crimes but fall victim to systemic injustice.  While there is a small degree where that is true, it is not nearly as common as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Louis Farrakhan would have you believe.  However, the ilk of these three (vestiges of the “black power” group, no doubt) has managed to seep into some of those in the younger generation.  If said person has access to a firearm, we cannot discount the idea of revenge.  Add to this the second fact in my list, that McCain is somewhat advanced in age anyway, and there is a real possibility (God forbid) that Sarah Palin may need to assume the Presidency.

After all is said and done, I’m voting for Sarah Palin on Tuesday…



PS: Here’s to another 200 posts!


~ by xristosdomini on November 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Bicentennial…”

  1. Oh, look! There’s the quote! And you have labeled me well. I really am immensely apolitical. (Which makes the fact that I am voting this year pretty stinking remarkable.)

    (I think I might have said “the future of our government”. Or I threw the word “leadership” or “leader” in there somewhere. Perhaps even “leadership of our government”. In any case, you have certainly quoted the essence of what I said… whatever it was. For some reason, I kind of cringe when I say America… so I don’t say it very often. Maybe I should go talk to the Lord about that again.)

  2. Congratulations on 200! Quite an accomplishment, in my opinion, and getting better all the time.

    It is totally politically incorrect to discuss the possibility that disaffected americans might be so enraged by the outcome of the election that assassination would result. But it’s not hard to see how you could worry, considering the vitriol and blind hatred in the current political environment. It’s troubling, and building.

    I, for one, cannot wait for the election to be over. I intend to do what I must, but whichever candidate wins is going to need our prayers. Our country needs God’s grace and mercy most of all.

  3. Suffice it to say, I’m glad it is November 5th…

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