Good Morning, Socialism…

“Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this son of York;
And all the clouds that low’r’d upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
–Shakespeare’s Richard the Third, Act 1.

I found the above quote to be very appropriate, as it seems to capture the media’s feelings regarding our most recent elections.  Congratulations are in order for the young man from Illinois becoming the 44th President of the United States of America.  Now that the gladhanding is over, nature behooves us to take a gander back at eight years of somewhat undeserved infamy, and look ahead to what may be coming next.  That being said, I should also remark that this post is in no way intended to detract from anything Barack Obama has done, or even who he is.

Fascism isn’t dead, merely unpopular…

While I admire America for electing it’s first African American President… I must inquire as to what cost we payed to accomplish this task.  Are we truly willing to sell another 50 million unborn to the fires of convenience and the altars of science, let alone our very souls, so that we can have a humanistic “feel good” moment of “overcoming racism”?  Have we sold ourselves a bill of goods and saddled an inexperienced leader with the burden of one of the largest nations on earth?  Are we really going to spend the next four, yea, eight years pulling our own teeth out because it is more popular in the International scene to be “nonconfrontational”?  For the sake of “change”, are we seriously going to settle for political theory that was tried by Russia, China, Italy, and Germany, only to be seriously set back within a few years?

The answer for all of these questions remain to be seen in the coming days.  Those of you who believe in Capitalism, Democratic Republics, and traditional morals, consider that we have a mere two months under our current President before the changing of the guard.  While I may seem to be striking a downcast tome in this post, I promise I have a point.

A bloody mess does a body divided make…

As I’m reading the coverage from the over-ecstatic liberals in the media, I’m noticing several striking facts.  Firstly, Obama’s people seem to be most hyped about the fact that they got a black man elected rather than what platform they voted for.  Secondly, the Obama supporters that aren’t throwing parties to the advancement of racial equality are throwing parties to the fact that George Bush didn’t get elected… even if he wasn’t running.  Thirdly, I’m noticing a deeply divided schism amongst those who believe in God.  This third point is the one that attracts my attention the most.

For those of us here in Kansas City (and I’m sure for 90% of those that have taken the Life Pledge as well), we were voting for McCain and praying that God would end abortion in America through him.  Comparatively, I’m reading a Yahoo news story that features several individuals thanking God for getting Obama elected.  To tinge this further, all of those blaming thanking God for Obama getting elected, all of them seem to revolve around Obama’s race and left over wounds from the Civil Rights era.  This is gravely disturbing to me.  Admittedly, this is one issue that I cannot empathize with or even comprehend because (A) I wasn’t alive during the civil rights era, (B) I think racism and racial pride are highly stupid, and (C) forty years is a very long time to carry a burden of this type.  That being said, I need to repent for praying that God would enforce my political agenda during this campagin rather than praying that God would fix our morals.


Barack Obama is NOT the disease… he is a symptom.

So where does this leave us now?  If you are concerned about the morals of our nation, we need to pray all the more.  Colorado and South Dakota both failed to pass their pro-life legistration on voter initiatives.  California’s constitutional ammendment to ban gay marriage is still too close to call.  Barack Obama has vowed to pass legislation that would remove all restrictions on abortions of any kind.  God has strategically removed the obvious and political “brute-force” option, leaving us with only Him and His goodness to hope for.  Politicians will not be the cure for America’s ills.  Barack Obama is, unfortunately, a very accurate barometer (NPI) for the moral state of the nation.  America is not going to hell in a handbasket because Obama was elected yesterday… America is going to hell in a handbasket because we do not have widespread revelation of the Knowledge of God.

To those in the church who may be offended, disheartened, or suddenly without direction, I tell you this:  Now is the time to pray.  As hard fought as this campaign was, we need to redouble our prayer efforts.  Do not resist this outcome, for it is of God.  Alleluia, the Lord God Omnipotent reigns… and His zeal for righteousness far surpasses our own.

To Barack Obama and his various supporters, I say this…  Be wise, you kings of the earth and understand, you judges.  Submit to the Son of Righteousness lest He be angry and you perish in the way.  God’s zeal for righteousness and life far surpass anything anyone in the Pro-Life movement, anti-homosexuality movement, or conservative Christian group currently have.

This is the Beat Down, signing off of the Presidential Election.  Good night, and good luck…



PS:  I wanted to tack this on the end, because it is bringing me a touch of comfort right now… especially relevent since America has voted with its wallet.

Hag 2:6 “For thus says the LORD of hosts: ‘Once more (it is a little while) I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and dry land;
 7 ‘and I will shake all nations, and they shall come to the Desire of All Nations, and I will fill this temple with glory,’ says the LORD of hosts.
 8 ‘The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,’ says the LORD of hosts.


~ by xristosdomini on November 5, 2008.

13 Responses to “Good Morning, Socialism…”

  1. My friend,
    Your post is the first glimmer of reason I have read about this tragedy.

    Thank you.

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  3. NPI… whatever! I don’t think I’ll ever believe those words coming from you! (Or… ummm… the words that those letters represent.)

  4. Good post, Adam. Our hope is in the Name of the Lord – it must always and only be.

    I am so relieved that we have the “first black president” thing out of the way. Maybe now we can think rationally about policy again.

    I want to make a few predictions based on the election outcomes known today:

    (1) The plight of the poor and oppressed will not improve in any measureable durable way as a result of any government action, regardless of whether president Obama implements any of his agenda.

    (2) Black people who feel daily anger about the injustice of slavery 150 years ago, or segregation 50 years ago, will still be angry and unforgiving in 2012. Young black men will continue to form a disproportionate part of the prison population, black children will be born to unwed mothers at a much higher rate than the general population, and the rate at which black people are in poverty will not improve.

    (3) Iran will still initiate and conclude every public occasion with the croud chanting “death to America”. Iraq will have more public sympathy with Iran than with the U.S. in 2012.

    (4) America will still be heavily dependent on foreign sources of energy and credit in 2012.

    (5) For at least two more years, the MSM will report favorably on every new administration action, excusing and explaining instead of criticizing, at least 80% of the time. It will be widespread and very obvious. The MSM will not correct it though, even after numerous self-critical editorials which will suggest that negative reporting is being avoided because it might look racist.

    (6) I predict Hillary Clinton will be nominated to the Supreme Court to replace either Stevens or Ginsberg, whichever retires first. I’m guessing both are out before 2010.

    (7) America will still be a capitalist republican democracy in 2012.

    (8) More Jesus will remain the only answer that offers any real hope for anyone.

    BTW: one final thought: I think it should be an impeachable offense for any American president to proclaim him/herself anything other than an “American”. It’s not OK for a president to be hyphenated, for example, IMHO.

  5. Scott: Thanks for the kind words… it’s good to know that my thoughts make sense to someone besides me.

    Christine: That actually wasn’t an intentional pun, but rather was a happy inconvenience of language. For some reason, “a very accurate rain guage of the morals of our nation…” just doesn’t have the same affect.

    Brian: I agree with the historical sentiment being done… well, until 2012 when he gets to become “the first black president to win a second term!” (pardon me whilst I hurrrrrrl) I also agree with all of your predictions, save one… I don’t think Hillary Clinton is going to be appointed to the Supreme Court because the DNC is going to be saving her to fight off a possible “Sarah Palin for President” campaign in 2012 or 2016. Either that, or she is just really, really desperate to be President. I just don’t see her as the Supreme Court type…

  6. OK, Adam, have it your own way on JSP Clinton, but just remember I predicted it, and think about this:

    Obama will want to be the only sane choice for the Dems in 2012, and the best way to assure he doesn’t have a primary battle with Clinton is to get her out of the way. Hillary is not going to wait for 2016 because of the media microscope and her advancing age. Hillary won’t step down from the Senate to be in the cabinet, and gobs of rank&file dems [who think Obama dissed her by picking Biden as VP] will expect Obama to give her something. The top donkey cheeses want no part of another contentious primary campaign, especially when this next four years may be pretty rough, and Obama will have an actual record to defend.

    Hillary is a lawyer.
    Hillary is a reliable big-gvt socialist agenda koolaid drinker.
    Hillary has radical feminist ties [reliably pro-abortion].
    Hillary is a political threat unless she has a lifetime diversion.
    Supreme court justices are allowed to look their actual age.
    Supreme court justices don’t have to be very nice to anyone.
    Dem elites fear Wild Bill – it would keep him off the court.

    The only way Obama skips Hillary for JSP is if he puts so many sitting democrat senators in the cabinet that the majority looks too skinny. If that happens, Dem’s everywhere will feel like Obama dissed her again, and she’ll definitely be in the 2012 primary – in 2010 – oog.

    Bill for JSP? A southern redneck whiteguy with a temper, who dared to say Obama played the race card? Not a chance – it’ll be Hil. Period.

    Betcha a Starbucks latte.

  7. One more prediction:
    I think the dems will invent some pretext for replacing Biden with any available woman, perhaps later in 2011 or early 2012. Obama won’t have his fingerprints on this, but it will be his “Anti-Sarah” insurance. Could be Kathleen Sebelius, but will not be Hil because she’ll already be on the Supreme Court. Maybe Oprah?

    Make mine a Venti.

  8. I would be extremely surprised if someone convinces Oprah to be Vice President.

    Since Sebelius would be a fit contender for President, I would have a much easier time holding her in reserve for 2016… or perhaps even replacing Biden in 2012. Since Sarah Palin has gotten National attention now, she needs to tread lightly to keep a sparkling image. I’m expecting Ginsberg to step down relatively soon next year, so we will see who Obama picks to replace her.

  9. A punkin spice latte, for me, please!

  10. If either of us remember or care in four years (provided that Starbucks still exists…), I will buy you a pumpkin spice latte if I am wrong.

  11. It won’t take four years. I’m guessing next summer.

    I’m even more confident in view of this:

    All of the rationale works, and the article agrees with me that Hillary would think of the cabinet post, in the line of succession to the presidency, would be a demotion. I’m still feeling pretty confident.

  12. Time to renew my bet.
    Here’s what happened today – Justice Souter has let it be known he’s done after this session of the court ends in a couple months.

    This report in the online “Atlantic” magazine mentions Hillary as a possible nominee:

    Still feeling very confident – all of my rationale still holds, and now there’s a third chance, counting Souter with 89 year old JP Stevens and the ill-with-cancer RB Ginsberg…

  13. Fair enough… Suffice it to say, I don’t think Obama is going to throw Hillary to the High Court. Why?

    Do you really think a President who just reached the 100 day mark and is managing to get such accolades as “a work in progress” from some of the most liberal journalists in America is actually going to take the only person in his administration with any kind of pseudo-Presidential experience (depending on your opinion of Bill) and exile them to the judiciary? I just don’t see it. Unless you are cynical enough to believe that Obama gave her the Secretary of State tag as a mere extending of the olive branch until he could sweep her under the rug “for good”, that is.

    Secondly, I give Obama enough credit to believe that his brain is not hot-wired to political blogs or the New York Times news desk for daily updates to his software… At the very least he would have Wi-Fi. My point is, he has a rocky history with nominees as it is, what with everybody being nominated to the economic team owing back taxes and all, so he is going to be looking to fill the bench without depleting his own administration and have to go through that whole process again.

    But hey, I quite possibly have no idea what I’m talking about. But then again, I would think that the DNC chair would get a little miffed at the idea of Hillary not being able to run in 2012 or 2016 after Obama’s term(s) are up. So we shall see what we shall see.

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