Me and My Tribbles…

I’m preparing to begin what will be my final class of the semester on Monday.  The ever dreaded “Class-formerly-known-as-Systematic-Theology” class.  Now, I was once prepared by one of my roommates that this particular instructor is one of the few where you actually need to do three hours of homework a night.  That being said, class starts on Monday… and I already have homework.  So yes, I’m very busy right now, because this isn’t the only class that I have to finish stuff for.

For my weekly practicum this semester, we are doing “Studies in the Sermon on the Mount”.  Besides the massive conviction that comes from being in said class, I also need to have an outline and a 5-8 page paper on the Sermon done by next Monday.  I’m sure that someone at sometime is going to stumble across this blog and wonder, “what do you mean by this class bringing conviction?”  Let me give an example… 

I’m a sound technician for a worship team.  I also live in a cave.  Living in a cave, loud and high pitched noises are very, very environmentally unfriendly… which does not exactly fit with my ears being my biggest asset (because I have to use them to serve the global prayer movement).  So, silly little me is sitting in my room reading a comic book (hey, the library has them for free), and suddenly there is a flash and a bang about five feet from my head.  Yes, some numbskull through a live firecracker into my room… remember how environmentally unfriendly the cave is?  By the way, it is very uncomfortable to feel your eardrums closing up to protect themselves from loud noises.  To put it politely, I was less than friendly to the perpetrator.  However, less than ten minutes later, I start to feel that sting of conviction and a slight whisper of, “blessed are the meek…… If someone slaps you on the right cheek…”.  The conclusion of the story?  I had to apologize because someone else threw a firework in my room and I freaked out about it.

The story of my life, it would seem.  I get all of my critters (read: inner issues) in their very nice cages, and stacked in the corner where they are manageable and out of the way…  Then Jesus comes by and says “I want to look at that one…”  Wouldn’t you know that it is at the bottom layer and way at the back?  So all the critters tumble all over the place, the cage doors open, and then my critters start trying to eat me…  My critters are not tame.  God is a very talented exterminator, and yet sees fit to take my critters out one by one.  Suffice it to say, I will be much happier when my soul is no longer under the curse of sin.

So… On to Systematic Theology… uhm, oh yeah… Introduction to Biblical Theology… er… TRANSFORMING THEOLOGY!




~ by xristosdomini on November 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Me and My Tribbles…”

  1. great post

  2. Awesome post. Ouch.

  3. Transforming Theology is an incredible class. I think you’ll love it! Good instructor.

    I loved it. I may know those notes (or at least an older version of those notes) better than the instructor himself. Well… I may know the grammar aspects of those notes better than the instructor himself. I would certainly expect that he has a much firmer grasp on the theology of it than I do. (Hello, obvious.) There are just specific sentences and portions of the notes that I remember with eerie clarity.

    Oh… and you DEFINITELY will have a lot of work ahead of you.

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