Why We Need to Pray…

As a forward note, this is not even a half-hearted attempt at being comprehensive, but rather is my musing on why I do what I do.  I’m studying for my class tomorrow, and I came across three stories that have me a little grieved at the moment.  Since misery loves company, I figure that I ought to show you all a little bit of why I pray.


So, three months before being sworn in… Barack Obama is already analyzing to see what he can change.  On the one hand, that is somewhat encouraging because it means that he is going to live up to his message of “change”.  However, what kind of change he brings was never discussed during the election, so whatever happens counts as “change”.  The thing that disturbs me is that in the executive orders that were mentioned in the news story are (A) the Stem Cell Research Ban and (B) the Off-shore drilling ban.  The first one is an issue of life and righteousness… one that, if removed, is going to only speed whatever judgement we are bringing upon ourselves.  The second is one of thoe things that, while not specifically a moral issue, is one that if changed (President Bush lifted the executive ban on Off-shore drilling) will have seriously dire effects on the global economy when demand rebounds in the next couple of months.  Wisdom and Revelation, anyone?



“Out of chaos comes order”– Nitzsche.  If anyone is worried about a One World Government or the rise of the antichrist, this should catch your attention.  Because of the continued instability of economies all over the world, some are beginning to call for a global restructuring of the entire financial system.  Admittedly, removing some the boundaries between a Communist/Socialist government and a more Democratic government would be massively beneficial to both (the Democratic gets cheap labor and the Socialist gets an audience with loose cash)… but once again, at what cost?  We give up national sovereignty and the ability to reward those who work hard so that we can have “stability”.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just go ahead and switch to a single currency?  Wouldn’t it be easier if multinational corporations didn’t have to deal with fifteen different sets of laws regarding their business?  Wouldn’t it be easier if Business people didn’t have to have passports and visas to travel on company business?  It may seem farfetched now, but believe me… it isn’t too far gone.



Honestly, this make me snicker a bit.  It is somewhat funny and sad at the same time.  But the thing to take away from this is that the church is so freaking divided that they can’t even share a church nicely.  Somebody needs to have read the Sermon on the Mount a couple of times.




~ by xristosdomini on November 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Why We Need to Pray…”

  1. On your last story, I think sad is the right word. A little constructive review of Luke 24:5-6 is very appropriate: “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, He is risen”.

    But the world understands “holy places”, I guess. I get a little frosted at the idea that a secular journalist would talk about “the holiest place” in Chistianity as though we were all heathens worshipping a plot of dirt, or an old building that’s about to fall apart – seems to me that misses the point entirely and diminishes the church profoundly.

    It’s hard to expect the secular world to get it, until the Church at once settles that its holiest place is yet to come…

  2. Wow. WWJD? Does anyone really think Jesus would get in a fist fight over who got to take down a dumb ladder, or walk in a circle, or fix a roof? How can the church have any hope of drawing the world into the loving arms of Jesus when we act like a bunch of 10 year olds? Sad indeed…

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