A Crossed Cross and a Fallen Star…


It seems that the various religions of the world are having a heyday bouncing off of each other.  While it is arguable that few intend to do so and fewer enjoy it, it is also inarguable that it still happens that the multifarious religions of the world (due to their overarching theologies) cannot help but cause friction amongst themselves.

The Muslims continually preach about how they are going to be the end of the Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists (I guess the Khrishnas aren’t popular enough to earn ire).  Meanwhile the Jews are busily doing everything they can to resist the Christians and the Mormons are quietly pilfering the souls of those who can’t protest it.  Shoot, if I can be a “proxy” for the unsaved, baptize me 6 billion times and lets get this whole “evangelism” thing over and done with!

The problem is that when we look closer at the various religions, they aren’t just rubbing against each other, they are rubbing against themselves.  Much like an overweight man in a thong… there is a whole lot of chafing going on.  Take the Christians for example… The Eastern Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Coptics and Armenian Orthodox can’t agree over who is supposed to take down a ladder in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (as mentioned in the last post).  The Catholics and the Protestants in Ireland started a bitter and bloody civil war because they couldn’t agree on the “biblical” doctrine of the Church.

Some of my readers may have heard of a prophetic word that came out in the last month or so that predicted that in the next year America would face “the perfect storm”.  As I look around the religious landscape, I’m seeing that the world is really doing everything it can to prime the world religions for a grand homogenization… call it what you like, but the point is that all of this rubbing and grinding is going to end up “cooler heads prevailing” and “agreeing on our common ground.”  When the world finds out that this doesn’t work, there will be a violent swing in the other direction where the same people yelling “coexist!” now will be yelling “To hell with it!” then.  It may sound melodramatic, but I see the seeds of the end-time catalyst being sown.

I’m not a mormon.  As far as I know, no one in my family is a mormon.  As well intentioned as I am sure that the practice mentioned in the above FoxNews story is, it is also somewhat offensive to my post-modern influenced minset to think that these people are selfish enough to believe that they can sneak people into their own religion post-humously because they can’t stomache the idea of their friends being in hell.  For the Christian, the answer to that dilemma isn’t stealing someone’s soul when they aren’t looking, but to pray for them and preach the Gospel.

As sad as it makes me, those holocaust victims who didn’t have a relationship with Jesus are in Hell… and unless God has some truth that doesn’t appear in the Bible, they are there to stay.  Baptising for the dead, aside from circumventing the free-will choice of Love that God desires anyway, is plain naive in religio-philosophical reasoning.  There is only a single mediator between God and man, and His name was Jesus.  As true as it is that the Christian is a king and a priest in the kingdom of God, it is the High Priest who makes atonement for sins… and that is Christ and Him alone.




~ by xristosdomini on November 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “A Crossed Cross and a Fallen Star…”

  1. I tend to think that what Paul wrote in 1 Cor 8 about idol worship applies here. When the mormons baptise themselves or each other to achieve a spiritual end apart from the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, I think all you get is wet mormons.

    I would counsel the Jesus-believing Catholics not to sweat it. Reread 1 Cor 8 a few times and relax.

    As for the jews who reject the Redeemer of the New Testament, I will simply suggest that the Day of the Lord is certainly coming, and I fail to see how it makes any sense to worry about any wet mormon you’ve never met when your only hope is in the Messiah that fulfills prophesy, Whom you are quite certain to see…

  2. BTW: I think one of your mom’s cousins is mormon in case you have a concern. Still probably wouldn’t lose any sleep over it if I was you…

  3. I wasn’t really planning on it…

  4. You say: ‘those holocaust victims who didn’t have a relationship with Jesus are in Hell… and unless God has some truth that doesn’t appear in the Bible, they are there to stay. ‘

    Oh, really…? So six million innocent Jews, along with millions of NON Christian victims of the Nazis, are in ‘hell’ – while according to your ‘logic’, any Nazi could ‘find jesus’ and end up in heaven?

    That is truly a vile theology. I have spoken with many Christians who do not agree with the belief you espouse here and I actually thank G-d that they don’t.

    You say it ‘saddens’ you that these innocents will end up in hell? Well, let me lessen this ‘sadness’ for the Jews you believe are suffering – in Judaism there is NO ‘hell’. We don’t believe in it, and never did. And the G-d WE pray to would NEVER EVER EVER condemn to ‘hell’ those who have lived decent, moral lives and whom simply choose not to become Christians.

    So maybe you can feel a little less ‘saddened’ now…

  5. Jew With a View: Those holocaust victims that I was referring to are on the exact same moral plain as any unrepentant person of the day. This is not intended to be a singling out of the Jews, but rather a musing about the Mormon practice of “Third-Person” baptisms. So, to your specific objection, yes, the Jews who had not repented of their sins and given themselves to Jesus are in hell just as much as a Satanist who “innocently” gets murdered in some dark alley.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t a vile theology, but a Biblical one. In the New Testament, there are three things that should be noted as highly irregular– Namely, the ministiry of John the Baptist, the public preaching of Jesus, and the commands of Saul. First, John comes with a Baptism of repentence to the Jews. That’s odd… Then Jesus comes on the scene as a Jew and begins preaching to the Jews, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near!” I wonder what they had to repent of… Saul then shows up as having been a “Pharisee of Pharisees” and a student of Gamaliel and gives the discourse of Romans 9-11 about his intense desire that Spiritual salvation would come to Israel.

    Even more unfortunately, I find that truth is truth regardless of what we believe. So the reality of Hell doesn’t exactly depend on whether or not a certain religion or individual believe in it. Hell is not Santa Claus. If we were to take this same rationale, we would have to say that God does not exist either because there are atheists in the world. And as for the God you pray to, I would suggest re-reading the Prophets. God has some very strong opinions to contribute regarding those who go to battle against Jerusalem, specifically Edom and Syria.

    That being said, I guess I would turn the question around and ask, “If there is no hell in Judaism, does that mean Hitler has gone to Heaven?” Once again, we find ourselves talking about the topic of Justice. To the modern mind we can’t have “too strict” a standard or our sensibilities get offended. By the same token, you can’t have no standard, our it feels like just as much injustice.

    As for my logic about Nazi’s finding Jesus… If they had a sudden revelation of the Godman, then yes. The reason it doesn’t seem “right” is because you still have the idea that the cross of Jesus is nothing more than a fairytale or bedtime story. If it is truth, however, then yes there is forgiveness even for being a mass murderer. Does this mean that these hypothetical Nazis would escape consequences? Not at all. The Nurembourg trials would be a good example, because these men would have turned themselves in after a renewal of their consciences.

    In order for your theorem to work, you would need to define a “decent, moral life” apart from religion. To me, that is just not possible. I don’t believe it is possible to actually be moral apart from Jesus, and that is where we are going to have our biggest departure. That being said, “simply choos(ing) not to become Christians” becomes the single biggest factor of determination in the individual life, and not some fuzzy pseudo-standard of “decent and moral”. The biggest problem this will be for the postmodern mindset is that it is a hard and fast standard… and that is something that we are trained to not like.

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