Tired of Abortion?

I have found a semi-solution.  Some 60 years ago the UN passed a resolution on what Human rights need to be respected by all of the various members (excluding China, I guess…).  The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute has put together a petition for all us pro-lifers to sign that they intend to present to the UN on December 10th (the 60 year anniversary of the Human Rights resolution) to have all basic human rights afforded to the unborn.  What does that mean practically?  That means that if a nation has a law on the books such as the United States where international treaties surpass any law that nation has made, this would name abortions as basic human rights violations.  For those interested in signing the petition, you can find it here, or you can find it yourself by going to the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute website.  Here’s to the cause!




~ by xristosdomini on November 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tired of Abortion?”

  1. Thanks for the pointer. I signed it, although I am skeptical about the UN.

    The statement on the petition is very broad, and supports positive embrace of the traditional definition of a marriage, of a family suitable for children, and about childhood education.

    I wonder how adoption of this position would affect capital punishment?

  2. I’ve thought it over.

    At the risk of compromising my conservative bonefides, I would bargain away the death penalty to get the libs to stop killing babies, stop medical experimentation on conceived human children, stop putting children in sexually abusive environments on purpose, and stop calling encouraged suicide a “medical treatment option”.

    Heck, if it would make them feel better about the deal, I’ll suggest we let the murderers and rapists out of jail as soon as they can find a lib to adopt them and let them move in. Who knows, the murderers might prefer jail.

    As much as I worry about unintended consequences, I’m increasingly glad I signed up…

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