People are dumb…

I need to stop letting people borrow my computer.  So… somebody wanted to get their E-mail while I was out with my computer.  Being the wuss I am after evaluating them as an upstanding citizen, I let them.  I don’t know what got downloaded to my computer, but I’m now sitting here waiting for my virus scanner and spyware program to finish scanning my laptop.  I’m peacefully looking at my e-mail with wordpress open in the background, and suddenly an offensive website pops up out of nowhere.  The worst part is that it was added to my watch-list for X3watch.  So not only did something I had no control over flare up on my computer, but now I have to tell people about it.  Sin sucks… no puns intended.



~ by xristosdomini on December 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “People are dumb…”

  1. Quick update… three trojans and one virus found and deleted…

  2. Ever try Avast antivirus? It’s free, and has a real time scanner to catch those kinds of things. It’s blocked several attempted attacks on my computer.

  3. Yeh, I have a virus scanner, but virus scanners don’t protect your computer from people doing stupid stuff.

    Right now I’m going through NOD32, and it seems to work well enough… provided you actualy stop when it gives you an alert… At least it didn’t get any worse than it was.

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