I Hate to Say I Told You So…

… but it seems that young Mister Obama is losing some leftward friends.  Quite a trick for somebody who hasn’t had even a single day in office yet.  I seem to remember saying in one of my past posts that if you are voting for Obama, you had better do so knowing that he is going to be relatively quick to throw you under the ideological bus.  It would seem that this process is beginning already.


Now… I should preface my comments with the acknowledement that nowhere near “most” Democrats are grabbing the torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers yet.  However, the far-leftists are complaining.  While that, in and of itself, is nothing new, it seems the honeymoon has ended before the wedding ceremony started.  This could be spelling disaster for the incoming President.  We need to remember that the people who drove Obama’s campaign were the ultra-leftists who trumpeted the message of hope and change to the ends of the earth… if they turn on their hero, he is going to find himself out of favor relatively quickly with the majority of America.  Not only will he lose a large part of his base, but much of the grassroots energy that got him elected in the first place.

However, I find it interesting that one blogger felt a need for concern because the centrism of the cabinet appointees might bleed over into the Supreme Court nominees.  While I would challenge that idea with the history Obama has had in his various legislative endeavors, it gives me a touch of hope.  There is a glimmer of light that God may very well blow open to bring down the legality of abortion in this nation.

One other thing that I will add before signing off of this post…  If Obama’s council is largely leaning closer to the right than most Liberals would desire, I think that the GOP would be very smart to key off on this as a legitimization of their policy and a vindication of the schlock they have been getting heaped on them by the media.  If even the “Liberal Messiah” doesn’t think that “true liberals” can effectively handle national security and the economy, then ostensibly the republicans are “right”.  However, I think Obama is trending towards the middle specifically to avoid being pigeonholed as a far-left-loony.  My advice to the country?  Unless you are in lock-step with them, the far-left is ALWAYS going to be complaining about something… so don’t worry about them.  Quite a few are so anti-government that they don’t vote anyway.



~ by xristosdomini on December 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “I Hate to Say I Told You So…”

  1. As a liberal democrat with liberal democrat friends, I would say that the majority of democrats are THRILLED about his centrist appointments. The majority of Americans are either left or right of center, with very few at the far extremes. The few who are upset are fringe folks. I come from one of the most liberal areas of America and I do not know a single person who is disappointed with his centrist appointments. Obama, as all of us know, is ultimately a pragmatist and not an ideologue. He will pick the smartest, most competent, and best pick for the job. I’m not saying he’s perfect- the world is on watch for him to make his newbie mistakes, but so far, I’d say he’s doing a fine job for not even have stepping into office.

    He is not going to appoint a SC judge based on their abortion perspective but will pick the best one all-around (much like McCain would have- I think they would end up picking the same person, i.e. no litmus testing). Let’s hope and pray that that best person happens to be anti-abortion.

  2. anon said: “Let’s hope and pray that that best person happens to be anti-abortion.” This is pure fantasy – Obama’s choices will be dictated by Patrick Leahy, Harry Reid and Charles Schumer, with absolutely no chance he will pick someone whose public views and records cannot be ascertained. Trust me, Obama will not risk a confrontation he can only lose, and the Democrats know that there are enough squishy republicans that only chance of trouble for a nomination will come from the loud left. Only a pro-abortion activist with reliable liberal cred will even be considered – take that to the bank. Of course, I still predict that the first appointment will be Hillary (with the new, added incentive to get her out of the cabinet!)

    Adam, you said: “the honeymoon has ended before the wedding ceremony started.” I’ll bet there’s not 100 libs in the whole country that now care about the order of these events, or if the latter even happens. Come on 😉

  3. I will admit that I am not disappointed to see Obama backing away from some of his positions that he held during the election (ie, getting out of Iraq “responsibly” and letting the Bush tax cuts expire rather than raising taxes on the “rich”), but I should clarify my position…

    Obama ran under the premise that he was going to bring hope and change. So far it seems that he is doing neither. In fact, in the above news article, we are seeing rumblings of the far left feeling duped into voting for more of the same pseudo-centrism that we have had for the last eight. While it can be argued that being a “pragmatist” is akin to being an “indeological prostitute” (because no one will ever accomplish their entire platform), we need to remember that Obama is only going to have so much grace from the real headmasters of the DNC to “play nice” until he will be tossed aside as yet another useless tool.

    I will agree that we need to pray that Obama does make a wise choice for a Supreme Court justice that will add to the possibility of the ending of abortion… however, to believe that Obama will choose the “best qualified candidate” regardless of their ideology is somewhat naive. Many liberal activist groups were threatening near-riots if Bush was to get another SCOTUS appointee that might shake Roe V. Wade. I think those threats (along with the donation money involved) will ring much truer to the DNC leadership than Obama’s street cred as “a pragmatist”. But then again, I am somewhat cynical.


    Eh… I don’t really see the President removing his recently appointed Secretary of State to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. I could say that it is because he will need a mommy to hold his hand, but I doubt that would go over well with anybody. As for the marriage allusion… I would be surprised if more than 20% of the country cared what order those events happened in. Here’s hoping the next four years are a “one night stand”, I guess…

  4. Hillary at state is a disaster for Obama – surely he cannot believe that she is the best for the job based on any objective measure of her talents, experience, foreign policy preferences. He’s too much of a politician to have bought her campaign rhetoric about foreign policy experience.

    Hillary won’t be successful at state. She has no record of being a loyal follower, and hasn’t displayed any knack for developing political teams or alliances. She doesn’t have notable important allies in the Senate after being there for several years. She’ll hate it as she obviously dislikes and resents him.

    Obama won’t be able to trust her, and will constantly have to worry about the next Bill embarrassment.

    At state, Hillary’s constant self-promotion, undermining schemes, and lack of real diplomatic experience will be a liability to the Obama administration.

    Supreme Court openings will doubtless hit the left side of the court hard, including John and Ruth. Since the court balance cannot be shifted by putting a left-activist in either of these places, the best way to keep the court out of the way of a march to socialism is to slow it down with rancor and immovable self-important lecture-loving ideology-over-facts-and-law grandstanders.

    No, I doubt he will nominate Jeremiah Wright, no matter how badly he might want to and how much sense it makes to him.

    You do the math. It’s gonna be Hil.

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