It is Good to be the King…

Yes, it is true… yesterday was my 21st birthday.  As much as I love an excuse to be a narcisist for a day, I have to give Jesus props here.  The frosty temperatures, falling snow, and icy roads made for the perfect day for me.  That being said, I should probably apologize to the rest of the world for asking God for snow on my Birthday.

The best part of my birthday was that my parents came into town to see me.  Now, I do feel a little bad that of the four days they were here, I only had one off from work (corporate b*******!)… but it was worth it to see my people again.  I was so proud of my mother… braving snow, sleet, slush and airplanes to come see little ‘ol me out in “Nowheresville, USA”.

So yeah, for my brithday, I got to be King for a day.  Not for nothing, but I also got to find out what a burden it is to be in the spotlight… it can be a little awkward having to zone up the liquor aisle when you have just turned 21… all your bosses walking by asking “you aren’t ‘accidently’ splitting anything open back here, are you?”  Usually if you just tell them “not that you’ll find, anyway…” you can get a laugh and it just goes away.  Until the next higher-up attempting to be cute walks by…

By far, the best thing I got on my brithday was a hecka big DVD set.  The Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition Trilogy Box Set… Necessito dice mas?  The funny part is that I seem to have a theme going this year.  The rich folk (ie, my parents… they make more per year than me, and in Obama’s America that makes them “rich”) get me the big and expensive DVD set, and my po’boy roomate gets me a complete Anime series that none of us have seen (half the DVD’s, half the price).  I guess ’tis a good thing I bought that television earlier this year, eh? 

So, if anybody asks, I am now an adult in the eyes of everyone except the Insurance Company… who knew the Insurance Company would be the only people with common sense anymore……



~ by xristosdomini on December 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “It is Good to be the King…”

  1. Next time we come to surprise you for your birthday, we’ll give you enough notice so you can be praying for nicer travelling weather.

    Sorry, driving a rental car in the snow with no loss-damage waiver sucks. So does waiting for delayed flights at the airport.

    Oh, yeah. It was so great to see you, happy birthday, have some more cake!

  2. It was so awesome to see you! I still think you look especially studly in the goatee, by the way. And, I’m honored and blessed to be your “people”. I’m proud of you.

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