The Beatdown, Ex Machina

OneThing time is almost upon us again.  What does that mean practically for the IHOP-KC missions base?  ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!!  Yeh, it doesn’t matter what designation of “staff” you have or how long you have been here, when December rolls around, you will get put to work for at least one session doing SOMETHING.  Now, there are some tasks that are reserved for “special” people (ie, running cameras, doing sound production, etc.), and I must admit feeling somewhat privieledged to hold two of these jobs.

You see, at IHOP-KC, we have parking troubles for most of the day.  Now imagine adding an additional 20,000 people into the mix with at least 5,000 extra vehicles, and you end up with one giant mess.  To alleviate some of this, the conference is moved downtown (so there aren’t all 20,000 people trying to park at the prayer room) and we run shuttles from the prayer room to the conference center.  As it turns out, if you are wanting to drive one of these shuttles for the conference, you need to be at least 21 years old… **wink**.  Did I mention that it was my birthday on Tuesday?  Yeap, I’m going to be driving a shuttle on the first night of the OneThing conference.  Should be intriguing, no?

My other job is one that, if you have been keeping up with me, will come as no surprise.  As it turns out, my team has been scheduled to have a set in the prayer room at the Conference on Monday night.  Of course, worship teams need sound guys… so I got tapped for it.  On Monday, I will be running sound at the conference prayer room from 10 pm to midnight.  That being said, if you keep up with my blog and will be at the conference, be looking for me… I would love to meet some of you.




~ by xristosdomini on December 20, 2008.

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