Just Relax a Little…

As I wake up today and have a giant 9 standing off in the distance like a 600 lb gorilla, I am finding it intriguing that so much of the world is in such a tizzy about how the end of the world must be upon us.  My advice to them?  Go soak your head and chill…… the real end is going to be much worse.  “Oh no!  The average temperature has risen 1/4 a degree in the last decade!”  That isn’t going to be very impressive when the sun is given power to scorch men with fire a la Revelation 16.

Because God provides, I don’t have to worry about the turbulence of the stock market.  Even though we are actually in a recession now, God has a way of filtering money through the right hands.  I could (in theory) lose my job tomorrow, and God will still be able to get my rent covered.  That’s the beautiful thing about Him… He isn’t rattled by the world blowing itself to hell.

Global Warming is not going to be the end of the world.  Even those of you who have bought into the idea of global warming being real can relax.  The end is going to be much less subtle than the ice caps melting and causing another ice age.  In fact, I wouldn’t even bother worrying about it until national boundaries are erased entirely and the leader of the earth has a peace treaty with Israel.  I know for a fact that global warming will not destroy all life on the planet…  If you are of the macabre variety and want to know how the world is going to quasi-end, read the book of Revelation (it is the slightly crispy book at the end of the Bible).




~ by xristosdomini on December 27, 2008.

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