Seeds of a Revolution.

“Why can’t you just trust the media?”

Thank you for asking!  So, most people who aren’t living under a hefty boulder could tell you about Israel’s offensive in the Gaza strip and the developing “humanitarian crisis” there.  What most of those people couldn’t tell you is the history of the conflict and why the media is distorting the reality of what is happening there.  I aim to fix that for some of you today.

Now, it should be remarked on the front end that while I do support Israel’s attack in the Gaza strip, Israel is just as apostate as the Satanists down the street from me, so my support of this action is in no way the “blind Zionism” that I would no doubt be accused of on someone else’s blog.  So I intend to shed a little light on this current conflagration, and hopefully enlighten a few who have fallen for the the farce passing for coverage in the media.

Unlike what I would commonly like to do, today, I am going to start with the current event that is playing out in front of us.  Yes, Israel is launching air strikes into the Gaza strip for the third day in a row.  However, these air strikes are the promised result of Hamas breaking the cease-fire that was signed in 2007.  So these attacks, however they are characterized, are not unprovoked murder but a response to attacks on their own state.  That should be the primary concern for those who are viewing this situation.  Yes, Israel is launching bombers… but Hamas is trying to blow up Israeli towns on the other side of the border.  Israel has also made very clear that if Hamas stops the rockets, Israel will stop the air raids.  So whatever happens is actually on the head of Hamas leadership.

Now let’s take a look at the history of the event.  Israel, as already mentioned earlier, is responding to Hamas breaking the ’07 cease-fire that they both signed.  So what is Hamas’ beef with Israel?  Outside of the religious argument (Islam being very anti-judaist), we have two major upsets to the political balance of power in the last century.  Namely, we have the Six Day War (1967 war where Israel took Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan and the Golan Heights from Syria) and we have the “creation” (read: recreation) of the nation of Israel (in 1948 the UN turned the “British Mandate of Palestine” into a Jewish state).  The question is, do the Palestinians have a right to be upset by these two events?  Not really.  In 1948, the UN (not Israel) turned the British Mandate (political division) of Palestine (not a free Palestinian state) into a homeland for the Jews so that they would have a place to run to in case another Hitler rose on the scene.  In 1967, Israel was in a military conflict to reclaim land… but they were fighting with Jordan and Syria… not Palestinians.  So even for the “Social Justice” crowd, giving the Palestinians a state in the West Bank is not justice at all because the land was Jordanian before the war.  Food for thought, eh?

Does Israel have a right to defend themselves?  Since it is the reason that we went to war with Japan in WWII, with Afghanistan in 2001 and with Iraq in 2003… my Americanism behooves me to say yes.  Does Israel have a right to the land that they are occupying?  Since they were the rightful possessors of that land from about 1000 BC to 605 BC (read: 1200 years before Islam even entered into the world’s consciousness) and from 535 BC until 70 AD (Read: 600 years before Islam appeared) when the Romans crushed them, I would say yes.

However, there is a disturbing trend in the media… not that that is anything new, but whatever.  Basically, the News Media loves to cover stories of the underdog.  Quite possibly because of the potential for winning pulitzers, or maybe because they are bleeding-heart liberals, but the point is that there has been a disturbing trend among the media of who we are supposed to be caring about.  For example, the BBC world service tonight did a comprehensive piece about the situation in the Gaza strip.  The part that really worried me was that they gave the Hamas spokesman more time on air than the Fatah spokesman and the spokesman for the Israeli Defense Ministry… COMBINED.  So when you walk away from the piece they aired, you are left with the Hamas people (ie, the people who broke the cease-fire and brought this mess on themselves) screaming about how bad things are during the air raids at some length, and you have a faint echo of the Israelis saying that Hamas is full of themselves and Fatah saying that things should be handled “internally and diplomatically”.  Let me give you a hint…… the grossest estimates are that over three days of air-raids there have been 300 people killed.  Come on!  Suicide bombers have killed more people than that in a single attack that was over in a couple of seconds!  Anybody remember “Bloody September” when Iraqi terrorists killed 350 people in Baghdad between two car bombs?  And Israel is the monster?!

I have tremendous sympathy for the Gaza civilians who are caught in the middle between Hamas and Israel.  That sympathy, however, needs to be coupled with the understanding that these Gaza civillians are the ones that elected Hamas to power.  Not to sound cold (on purpose) but this is the kind of leadership that the Gazans wanted.  Based on this media coverage, I feel like I am beginning to see how the Antichrist is going to spread his extreme antisemitism so quickly.  Unfortunately, I think the world’s news outlets are going to be some of his most willing accomplices.




~ by xristosdomini on December 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Seeds of a Revolution.”

  1. Thank you for more sane observation to stand against the utterly insane reporting of this conflict (and other various conflicts against terrorists worldwide). The media apparently doesn’t like to think, or remember, and certainly doesn’t worry about being fair.

    The truth is that the rules of war are changing, as they have always changed – that is, the winners make the rules and impose them by winning. The correllary is that is that the loser is the last one clinging to the old rules.

    The Geneva Convention is the old rules, but it is not sacred and is being rendered obsolete by one side in this conflict. The convention codes about treatment of prisoners, about the responsibilities of a state-controlled uniformed military, about the protection of uninvolved civilian populations, all provisions destined for the dumper because one side in this conflict won’t play by the rules. Playing by these rules today is a prescription for never winning the war, and committing to an unending slog through a conflict swamp.

    I am frustrated that the media overall doesn’t seem to grasp this. They are not at liberty to report against one side because that side doesn’t agree that punishing journalists is also against the rules. I think the ones on the “safe” side are excited, or cranky, or whatever, but have the freedom to report as negatively as they like in pursuit of their own interests. Editors and publishers freely acknowledge that all they can get from one side is “pro-government propaganda”, but don’t seem to mind how unbalanced and unfair their reporting ends up.

    Here’s what the public needs to hear: One side in this conflict has said, let’s resume suicide bomb attacks against civilians – the whole world must punish that entire side as war criminals, stripping them of national legitimacy, land claims, and protections of international law – or the rules mean nothing.

  2. See if this seems like the same problem:

    Given some impoverished father who is caught stealing bread to feed his children. The hand-wringing among the liberal elite would make out the man as a victim and any society which would prosecute the man as horrible monsters. However, in a society where such skewed moralization is tolerated, there is probably an unending source of charitable help for the man if he only seeks it, making the fact of his theft all the more aggregious. In totalitatian societies where the penalty for theft would be enforced without hesitation, the public regret would have no tolerated expression, and the mans hands get automatically chopped off in a justice system called “noble” and “peaceful” in the liberal media.

    Who are the real good guys? What kind of stupid thoughtless cowardly silly journalists say the monsters are in the society where freedom is valued and dissent is protected?

    There, I said it.

  3. The Associated Press seems to have taken the Palestinian’s side… they reported today that over four days of air strikes there are 383 people reported dead… just yesterday the UN released a statement saying that about 60 had been killed in three days. So yeah, the AP is using the numbers being published by the Palestinian medical association. I’m sure those numbers haven’t been inflated at alllllllllll….

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