The World as We Know It…

After the “wonderful” reception of my thoughts in my previous political post, I thought I might find time to make another one.  In the world today, there are three “crises” that are holding my attention.  While each of these three could and probably should be its own page, I’m going to keep my commentary somewhat brief.

This surprises no one

It should be obvious that the problem in Israel is much more complicated than “let’s just be nice”.  So the UN, in all of its wisdom and ineffable greatness, believed that it could merely say “Stop it!” and all the world’s problems would go away.  Someone forgot to tell them that magic wands only work in fairy tales.  The Security Counsel sweeps in like a knight on a charger to try and seperate squabbling siblings with a lesson in chivalry… only to have both sides say “meh…” and go back to bludgeoning each other.  So now people are saying that the UN needs to take further steps to force their resolution, including embargoes against both sides.  Why this enraged outcry?  If Hamas had siezed control of Texas and was launching rockets into Oklahoma and we moved in with the six-shooters blazing, nobody would stop us from doing so.  If Hamas folds, Israel will pull back… they have said as much themselves.  What does that mean practically?  Hamas is in complete control of how many Gazan civillians die in this war.

Now, on the one hand… picking on Blagojevich is like cutting the red ribbon at a mall opening with a battle axe.  On the other hand, you can’t be that stupid and expect to come out unfazed (although Clinton did it for 8 years…).  What makes this stand out for me is that this Governor is the same dude who was in charge while Obama was in the Illinois legistlature AND the Senate.  To that effect, what Blagojevich does, in my cynical mind anyway, makes me nervous about what craziness is going to happen in the White House.  Granted, Illinois politics are just messed up (you can’t have three former Governors in prison and expect to be the bastion of democracy), but that makes me wonder about Obama even more.  After 8 years of people yelling about alleged “under the counter” payments to and from the oil industry, the last thing we need is someone at the helm who is actually blinky on their ethics.


“Bi-Partisanship” bites, don’t it?

I remember telling people that if you are a hard-core liberal and you vote for Obama, you had better do so understanding that you will get thrown under the bus the second your view isn’t popular with the general public.  Here is your proof.  Obama is planning to force another Economic Stimulus package the second he gets into office… don’t you wish we still had that $830 billion from the bailouts to play with?  Here is the fun part.  Obama’s plan is conservative to the point that the congressional Democrats aren’t sure what to do with it.  They say that there is too much favoring “big business”.  They say that offering tax breaks for new job creation isn’t doable (I guess it is too conservative).  Better still, they are cringing that there isn’t any “relief” for the poor sods (I mean, upper-middle class) who are getting nailed by the Alternative Minimum Tax (that they pushed for, by the way, to make sure that the “super rich” are getting bilked for every penny possible).  Is it possible that Obama’s great plan for the economy was too conservative?  If that is the case, we have officially elected the scariest person that I could think of… a fiscal conservative with socially liberal policies.  What does that mean?  Let me ask you a question… what would have happened if Stalin had used “Reganomics” (which lead to a thirty year economic boom) rather than Socialism?  There would have been a great Russian economy and a rampant, firmly entrenched anti-Semitism.  Why?  People love great economic news, and will follow a person who can keep their money safe.  I’m not usually given to worry about politics… angst, yes- worry, no.  But this could seriously be the most dangerous 4 to 8 years in our nation’s history.



~ by xristosdomini on January 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “The World as We Know It…”

  1. Three topics, three comments:

    On Gaza: I think most folks forget that Gaza is in Israel, and your Texas analogy is quite appropos. The UN is filled with self-important bullies whose cowardess and impotence is on display when they pick on the small and civilized Israelis and not the large and brutally imperial Islamic fascists – uh, I mean palestinians. Make no mistake, the UN will not fail to advocate the side that is the best at terrorism as long as there is no risk of consequences, because they are in majority immoral and dominated by fear. Consider Georgia, and Iran, and Iraq, and Darfur, and Somalia, and…

    On Senator Burris: I think it’s amusing that the “dumb” and “crazy” and “corrupt” governor of Illinois has so easily trumped the rank amateurish idiocy of the “smart” and “important” senate majority leader. Blago may be a selfish crook, but what does that make Harry Reid, hmmm?

    On the stimulus: Revelation 6:5-6. We could probably make a ton of money by stockpiling food, but who would want money that’s not worth anything anyway?

  2. If I had to make an edjucated guess, the majority of the UN is not “immoral”… I’m will to bend on the idea of fear. What I think is that the UN is led mostly by Darwinian social constructs and “feel fuzzy” uber-liberalism that make them automatically feel empathy for those that they percieve to be “poor and oppressed” whether they are or not. If that is the case, then having the UN on your side is more an exercise in public relations than actual facts. Based on the free publicity provided by groups such as Al-Jazeera and their willing accomplices in American Media, it should be quite obvious that the aptly named Islamic Facists have (A) more practice and (B) more helping hands in the PR business.

    Burris does pose quite a problem for the Senate Democrats. If they take the appointment and seat the man, they prove they have no spine and accept an appointee who is tainted by scandal. If they refuse to take him, they further isolate Blagojevich (meaning he goes up the river with a thousand knives in his back) and risk turning off scores of black voters. Relations between Jesse Jackson and the DNC are strained enough (what with the emasculation remarks) that I don’t think they can dare stand up to him again.

    As for the promised famine… I think God would wipe out the stockpile anyway. After all, where is your faith in the end of everything?

  3. Adam: you said, “What I think is that the UN is led mostly by Darwinian social constructs…” –which, biblically, is immoral. I’m with Dad on this one. 🙂

  4. What I mean by saying that is that while the vast majority of the UN is comprised of persons of an “unsaved” nature, it is not full of people who are all “I wonder how I can screw over God’s anointed today…?” They are not trying to be mini-Hitlers, they are trying to be humanists. While that is, by definition, immoral, I am drawing a line between that and flat out anti-semitism. So I’m kind of splitting hairs, but whatever.

  5. Oh, don’t get me started. I was being kind and restrained in my invective about the United Nations.

    I will suggest that for your own safety, you should know that the vast majority of folks in the U.N. have “screw over God’s anointed” tattooed on their backsides, heading the diplomatic to-do list that they worship at in passing as they daily stick their heads up their own, uh, ambitions.

  6. Wow… I thought I was cynical. So you seriously believe that the majority of delegates seriously hate the Jews and are trying to systematically work towards their extermination?

  7. I don’t think I’m being cynical – just an objective observer.

    Do I believe the overwhelming majority of UN Delegates:
    Hate God? Yes.
    Hate Israel and regret its recreation in 1948? Yes.
    Want Israel gone by any means? Yes
    Hate Jews? Yes.
    Want to systematically work for extermination of jews? No.
    Want to systematically work for anything beside their own selfish ambitions to live as princes and rule the world? No. Emphatically no.

    Look at the fruit. The U.N. is bad from the root, loves the darkness, and all of its actions are only evil continually. It is a modern day Tower of Babel, and a continuing testamony of the wisdom and grace of God that the speech of men is still divinely confused. Do not trust them. Never give them guns.

  8. OK, on this we are in agreement… 🙂

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