Broadcasting Fail…

So… I have been having a tough week in general (God is stirring my issues right now), and I needed a breather.  To that end, I was going to McDonalds to have some breakfast on Friday morning.  For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to the weathermen (a wise idea), the midwest is turning into what we in the biz call “Hell Frozen Over”.  Since I didn’t have my iPod and was relatively curious about the world, I had NPR turned on in my car and it was beginning to snow… hard.  As it so happened, within five minutes of the radio coming on, the local NPR affiliate gave one of their pre-recorded 1 minute soundbytes to tell you about the weather…

“Good Morning, Kansas City, the time is now 5:56 AM and the temperature is a frosty 10 degrees outside.  We’re looking at a high of 24 today with an overnight low of about 21 degrees.  We also have a chance of snow in the early morning, perhaps as much as an inch in accumulation… But there is a good chance we won’t get any at all.  Coming up next…”

Now, I am not a weather man.  I have never really studied broadcasting science.  However, it seems to this plebian that the worst time in all of broadcasting history to say that it might not snow today… IS WHEN IT’S SNOWING OUTSIDE!  “Gee… you mean this is merely a mirage produced by my sleep-deprived mind?!  Sweet!  I’ve never had a real deal mirage before!”

Maybe you had to be there… but I needed a good laugh all the same.



~ by xristosdomini on January 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Broadcasting Fail…”

  1. Maybe it was an open vision – did you think to ask anyone else if they also saw snow?

  2. Maybe you just have REALLY bad dandruff…

  3. Maybe NPR has no journalistic credibility? Nah!

  4. actually, i have a similar story, so, um , be encouraged?

    i woke up that day around 7am and looked outside to see lots of snow falling. we’re talking serious snow, here. so i texted my husband at CFA to say it was snowing since he works 20 miles away and has to worry about driving home in it. appropriately, he asked me to check the weather. said “1% chance of precipitation” and the same stats you posted above. i did a double-take, pulled the window covering back again to make sure i wasn’t just dreaming before. and then sat in my computer chair dumbfounded. i then checked the hourly weather and got much the same result.

    talk about the weather channel needing to get some field guys. heck, for five bucks, i’d even call them to say “dudes, might seriously want to rethink that precip percentage. we’ve got some heavy accumulation.”

  5. Heh… I guess God does still like to toy with science for the heck of it.

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