That Day Has Come…

So Obama is officially the 44th President of the United States.  Admittedly, I’m glad that the inauguration is over with.  What I’m not too thrilled about is that the FOCA was first on the agenda for Congress.  Bush’s butt print hasn’t even worn off his desk chair yet and we are already talking about stripping all protections for the unborn that he achieved in the last eight years.  That, my friends, makes me sad.

I’m sure most deep thinkers of a conservative nature are considering the overly collectivist (read: commie) tone to the inaugural address and alerady dreaming up how we might give the man the political thumping of his life in 2012.  However, I’m also sure that the next 24 hours are going to decide how the next 20 years of this nation looks.  I’m no prophet… but if this government goes ahead and gives a green light to the slaughter of the next generation, I give us 30 years (at most) of complete autonomy before God steps in and doth layeth the smackdown on those who have made their bed in their pocketbooks.

When we look at Obama’s “This concerns me” list, how about we add “poor use of scripture” to it?  The man claims to be a Christian, and then appropriates a portion of a verse that is massively out of context to preach outright humanism.  That’s scary on so many levels.  Unfortunately I am going to have to agree with a very smart man who described our current president as “either a brother who is deceived, or is deceiving everyone about being a brother.”

May God have mercy on America.



~ by xristosdomini on January 22, 2009.

One Response to “That Day Has Come…”

  1. agreed.

    caught that “scripture reference” in the speech, too. kind of made me sick to my stomach.

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