Heresy Hunters Handbook.

Part 1: What it SHOULD say…

Welcome to Heresy Hunting.  For your first lesson, we are going to be looking at how to attack doctrines without bringing division and shameful accusation in a Christlike manner.  It is absolutely vital for you, as a responsible ambassador of Christ to remember that the General does not shoot their own comrades at arms.  As much rivalry as there is between them, the Marines do not target Army soldiers.

In the practice of our craft, it is very easy to get a haughty spirit where you believe that what you believe is the absolute word of God and is not up for debate.  If you find yourself thinking in this way, take a deep breath, slow down, and go soak your head.  While it is important to “contend earnestly for the faith” (Jude 3), it is just as important to be “gentle as doves” (Mat 10:16).

We are sure that many would point out Paul’s admonitions in his letters or Jesus talking about Pharisees as a reason for why being hateful and specific are “biblical”, but we humbly suggest that unless the person speaking is either an Apostle speaking to those under their care or to the person they are confronting, these examples are mostly invalid.

Part 2: What it would PROBABLY say…

Welcome to Heresy Hunting.  For your first lesson, we are going to be looking at how extensively heresy has become in the church and some of the biggest propagators of it, as well as language that can be used to maximize the contrast between the extremes you are presenting.  It is absolutely vital for you, as a responsible ambassador of Christ to remember that we are in a war.  In this war, there are many who are pretending to be soldiers who are nothing but spies of the enemy attempting to destroy the army from the inside.

In the practice of our craft, we will endure much persecution for our devotion to truth.  If this happens, you must remember that all of the Apostles spoke of this time in the church, and you should count yourself blessed to suffer for the name of Christ.  Always remember, the blessed Word of God never changes, and those who fail to believe it at its declaration are of the antichrist.

We are sure that some will stand on the politically spirit of this Age and point to the Sermon on the Mount to declare that you are not following the example of Christ, but I would point my finger in the face of those weak-hearted ninnies and remind them of Jesus’ confrontation in the realm of ideas with the very same Pharisee’s that they would no doubt coddle to hell and the apostles rebuke of Alexander and Diotrephes.


After reading these two, I dare ask my readers… which author would you rather be in church with?  It seems that in their quest for pure doctrine and a pure faith, some will forget that Jesus came to restore people out of their sin, not condemn them to those sins forever.  While it is true that there are those who only react out of a dislike for confrontation, we need to remember that crazy little thing called love.  When you discipline your child (assuming you are a loving parent), you don’t berate your children as stupid, evil, or any other host of names.  Rather, you explain the error and then deliver the proper discipline.  You want to know what love is?  Love is dealing with an error gently, but dealing with the error.

To put it another way, “If you are speaking the truth, you do not need volatile language to offend your listeners… let the truth that you speak offend on its own behalf.”




~ by xristosdomini on January 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Heresy Hunters Handbook.”

  1. I really like this: “let the truth that you speak offend on its own behalf”.

    I think the key has to be to speak the Truth in Love – (capitalized here because Jesus is both). ! Cor 13 tells us a lot about the attitudes and behaviors that characterize love. When we apply that to our speech I think we end up with a way to boldly proclaim truth without compromise, and honor God however it is received.

  2. Interesting entry. And speaking of heresies, I have a question for you.

    What are your thoughts about my blog entry about Yeshua HaMashiach?

    Thank you,

    James 2:1-13
    1 Timothy 4:16
    Luke 15:4
    1 Timothy 1:3-7
    Titus 1:9

  3. Brian, thank you… I have loved that quote since I heard it. If what you say is true, it will be offensive enough without throwing volatile terminology around

    Denny: Assuming you are being quite serious in your “Grapefruit Evangelicalism” post, I do have several thoughts. For one, you have picked an…… intriguing…… bit of doctrine to argue about. While there are several points that I would agree are incorrect, there are some that are so miniscule that I just have no attention span to argue with. What I will grant without hesitation, however, is that you have become very good at proof texting.

    That being said, I think you have accomplished your desired goal as an author… and I would agree that the idea that Jesus turned water into grape juice instead of wine is weird.

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