Yet Another Reason to Stay Out of Mexico…

As if you needed more!

In case nobody has noticed this little tidbit of information floating through the news, Northern Mexico is pretty much falling apart.  It isn’t the economic downturn that is threating life as we know it elsewhere, but rather it is because business is too good for the drug industry that Mexico is flying apart at the seams.

Last year, there were over 1500 murders in the city of Juarez alone.  In the above story, a drug cartel murdered the chief of police and five officers in a smaller town, causing all of the officers on payroll to pack up and leave town.  So Jaurez is in an uproar and Villa Ahumada has been abandoned to the Mexican Army and the drug cartels.  What does this have to do with America?

Great question.  Where do you think the drugs are coming from that American teenagers are getting wasted on?  Answer?  Latin American drug Cartels, Middle Eastern farms and Asian warlords.  So guess what?  That money that the kid down the street is using to get a dimebag is getting funnelled to support Terrorism, Civil Wars and Communists.  As melodramatic as that sounds, I kind of wonder what would happen if we showed high school students where their drugs were actually coming from.  For the sake of getting high and “having fun”, American teenagers are funding one of the deadliest drug wars in history south of the border.

It’s also a great thing to pray about just before ducking into the Justice Institute…



~ by xristosdomini on February 18, 2009.

5 Responses to “Yet Another Reason to Stay Out of Mexico…”

  1. Who in his right mind would go to Mexico?? For any reason.

  2. Considering today’s news, very few people…

  3. It would seem that one misdeed really cannot be isolated to a single source. One kid in suburbia with more free time than brains gladly donates $100 a month to murderers in the third world and gets himself addicted to a substance that will destroy his life.

    Nobody wins.

  4. The drug cartel has much more in common with government than with any business. It collects piles of money, and uses its wealth and power to seize territory and make its own law.

    Clearly this is a civil war, and the fact that the current Mexiacn government seems powerless certainly raises questions about its legitimacy.

    When is Mexico going to take this seriously? *They* should be trying to close the border with the US to prevent the drug lords from trading and re-supplying.

  5. Very true… Government is a legalized cartel… but they peddle power rather than drugs.

    Yes, this is a civil war of sorts.

    I’m wondering when the US is going to take this seriously. We have drug runners and cartel hitmen running across the border to make kills and sales inside our territory and we have clashes between military personnel and drug lords using grenades and automatic weapons fire. The position that Mexico is in, on the other hand, is that if they attempt to close the border, they can’t sneak their citizens into the country to make money and send it back home curtesy of Western Union. So if they close the border, they cut off one of their most viable buffers to their economy, and if they don’t close off the border, they risk a lot of bloodshed and violence over the drug routes.

    Once again, we see the many faceted sphere that is wickedness…

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