Breaking the Fourth Wall…

You know, we never really think of the everyday type stuff as the mercy of God.  If we are straight up about it, we have a very easy time seeing God’s mercy in something such as salvation or healing, but we don’t seem to notice the little things like the language barrier.  I’m sure I just lost somebody, so I’m going to explain myself… 

In Genesis 11 we see that mankind is in process of disobeying God’s command… surprise, surprise…  For those who have forgotten, part of God’s first command to mankind is to raise a family, multiply, and take dominion of the earth.  Mankind’s first response in recovery from the flood?  Let’s build a landmark to preserve our identity as humans and prevent ourselves from being scattered over the face of the whole earth.  However, God looks down on this scene and has this intriguing conversation with himself (ostensibly, within the community of the Trinity… but that is another post altogether) where he says that if the people succeed in building this tower, nothing will be impossible for them to accomplish.  In response to the current situation and preempting the possible future, God confuses the languages of men so that they could not communicate or finish their project.  Apparently God is not a fan of “human progress” either…

The point is that mankind was actively resisting the command of God at this point, and God’s solution was to isolate mankind from himself.  The result is that ever since, mankind has been unable to achieve the same level of wickedness.  We have to have a certain class of individuals who speak more than one language just to get two cultures on the same page, and even that small class of individuals cannot unite the globe.  That being said, the language barrier is God’s mercy because it prevents wickedness from reaching its pinnacle.  However, it should be noted that mankind is doing everything in his power to circumvent this safety valve.  I have one word for you… “globalization”.

Every step that mankind takes towards globalization is moving in the direction of Genesis 11.  While most of this movement in the last 5 years can be credited to “the threat of Global Warming” and the tanking of the various economies on the world, we have to remember that the world has always trended towards being reunited.  The empires of the ancient world, Colonial Europe, the League of Nations, the UN, the EU, the World Economic Forum… all of it is aiming towards condensing the Earth’s power (and as such, its people and culture) into as few hands as possible.  This reunifying of the earth is part of God’s end-time plan to establish his own kingdom at the end of all things.  As nice as that sounds, we need to consider the ramifications of our actions.

Globalization is hastening the Day of the Lord.  The first step is the erosion of National sovereignty.  This is something the UN  and the world economic forum are striving for every single day.  Need proof?  How about the loss of “national waters“?  The second step is the uniting of economics, such as the prototype given by the European Union creating the “Euro Zone”.  The final step will be conquering the language barrier.  I’m no prophet (yet), but I’m thinking that by the end of the day, we will see a standardized language emerging with the “One World Empire”.  Now, to be sure, I’m no full-throttle anarchist like the Ballydowse or Savior Machine guys… but I’m all for God having mercy and forestalling the “smackdown from the neck down” to be laid on the earth.  Suffice it to say, I’m not ready to meet the Antichrist yet… or God, for that matter.

In this day and age, I think the church is walking blind into the future.  We see the earth doing everything it can to unite in front of us, all the while forgetting that we are very divided amongst ourselves and will be the single largest polarizing factor in this bold new world.  The funny thing about humanity is that when we find a way to fuse ourselves together, we will fight tooth and nail against anything that seeks to end that link.  It doesn’t always make sense, but we will toss truth out the window before we risk being called “flammatory”.  To the church I say this… Jesus was divisive and we cannot fear to be like Him.  We are rapidly approaching humanity’s final frontier, and it ain’t gonna be pretty when we get there.



~ by xristosdomini on March 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Breaking the Fourth Wall…”

  1. Spoken with wisdom, except that part about not being ready to meet God. You never know when your ticket is punched!

  2. Granted, you never do know when your “time” will come. However, I know that I am not emotionally ready to meet God face to face like would happen at the second coming of Christ. So rather than a sentiment like “I’m too young to die”, it’s more like “I’m not holy enough to meet Jesus!”

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