Set on a Course… Almost.

It’s been a while since I wrote anything new, so I thought I might need to give an update on my life for the curious. If you don’t really care, I’m sure that I will find something interesting to talk about or argue over soon… for no other reason than Summer being almost here. For those that do care, you might be intrigued.

Life at school has been interesting recently. For one thing, we all discovered that there are 60 people signed up for the Justice Institute in the Fall. Due to the logistical difficulties of moving that many people into the third world, we are no longer going to Thailand. Big bummer, right? Well, they split us into three groups and are sending us to three different places, and none of them are Thailand. So some of us are heading to Amsterdam, some of us are heading to Columbia (my group **smiles proudly**), and the rest are off to Mexico. So yeah, this white suburbanite is going to be wandering around in Columbia come July.

Speaking of ministry trips, I have one week of classes left until all of IHOPU takes off for our end-of-year outings. It will be good to get back to Peoria, Illinois and see the church there again. I have to admit that I’m really excited for the trip this year, and especially to see what God does in light of what happened last year. I’ll probably find myself spending three hours or so in the booth again this year, but I would rather be a faceless servant in the house of the Lord than be a billionaire actor on the fast-track to hell.

So I’ve been bouncing back and forth this module between the tension of the end of the age (Foundations of Biblical Eschatology… Shabba!) and having to get myself out of bed to go to work on the weekends. Now, to be honest, having rent to pay is a great motivator for getting to work, but I always have in the back of my mind the knowledge that in a few short years it’s not going to make that big of a difference on the world. I’m sure part of that is my own issues coming to forefront… But realistically, the only thing affected by my showing up to work or not is my own faithfulness. Thank God that that is important to me, because otherwise I would probably give up. There are times where I tell God that I’m tired of playing emotional Whack-a-mole with my issues, but then He gently reminds me that if I was to see all of my darkness at once, I would probably melt into a puddle of goo and that would just be gross. So for the time being, I’m content to live my life the way it is right now… we’ll see if that is still true come August………



~ by xristosdomini on April 23, 2009.

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  1. Hang in there, dude!

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